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ReelAbilities is GROWING ALOT

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

Need vacation plans in one of the most tourist desired locations in the WORLD? Some of the activities, movies, and events will be FREE! RealAbilities is going to have MORE events, movies, and talks taking place over a far greater period of time.  This is the first time EVER this is happening. So, to maintain it and bring worldwide awareness, and acceptance -attendance numbers are VITAL.  Won’t you join me? 

If it’s successful enough I’m sure it will eventually repeat in other locations in the U.S. As well.!  It will be happening throughout June and July in NYC! Not only that but, NYC has numerous free and cheap events throughout the city in the summer time especially. The Disability Pride parade is returning as well. 

  Here are only some of the other donation only, and free events, in NYC during those months. 


The famous Brooklyn Botanical Garden’s Sunday’s only 

Most museums their are many.  

Central Park

The Bronx Zoo Wednesday’s only 

Street fairs that span numerous blocks some times. 

Plays in the Park


I will update this post in the future with atleast 1 link/URL. But, if your coming. Start creating your plans/ doing your research today.


  What will you attend? 



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ReelAbilities NYC Festival Events

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

ReelAbilities are numerous annual Disability Film Festivals shared throughout the U.S., that incorporate both movies and events around disabilities. The oldest (and likely the largest) is in NYC, and coming up in March. Feel free to check out my posts about it, on my disabilityadvocate1. com blog. There are currently a few posts on it. The events this year I’d like to highlight are the events called,  Music for Autism, Visible Lives, and the DCTV’s Film Makers Workshop, and organization.  All the events highlight how where you live can make a HUGE difference in the quality of life someone who’s disabled has. And at times, highlights’ NYC as a super star, for a premier place for those who are disabled, to live. 

Visible Lives is an event that shares publicly the lives of numerous NYC disabled adults, via interviews that are taken in NYC. And then shared, in the NYC library, via ReelAbilities platforms,  and websites. To educate the public, and promote awareness.  Learn more at, oral

Music For Autism– I’ll let their website do the the talking for themselves, this time.

DCTV’s Film Makers organization and workshop. Which is strictly for films highlighting those with disabilities. / created buy people with it.

Anyhow, check out all of NYC ReelAbilities events at,

If there is no ReelAbility’s in your city. Or there are no cool events at it, perhaps you could be part of changing that. Yes? Or atleast encouraging others too, and using this as an example of offerings. Customized to the specific city it is in.