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Celebrate Prime Day! Spend $10, Get $10 (Subject of my e-mail received today)

Thursday, July 12th, 2018

If your Not an Amazon Prime member and you haven’t recently tried it on a free trial I Highly consider going on that trial NOW! Here’s some of why!

All US Amazon Prime members listen up  and go to the link (s)/URL’s provided for more details. Do you have a Whole Foods (WF’s) somewhat near you or where you’ll travel to in the next week? If so, (Even if your not a regular shopper there.) Check this out!  You’ll be glad you did!  I received an e-mail today sharing some of this for the first time EVER Amazon and Whole Food’s will have unbeatable savings on certain items and a special offer even folks on food stamps will LOVE! Assuming they have Amazon Prime off course.

Amazon Prime Members: Scan your Prime Code ( in your Whole Foods  app on your Smart Phone- If you don’t have the app yet- download it free From the google play app store/Apple app store/ on Amazon) or use your mobile number at checkout in-store between 7/‌11-2018- 7‌/‌17/18 on a single purchase of $10 or more and you’ll get $10 on Amazon to spend on Prime Day  or any day on or before July 31rst!  You can spend your 10$ Prime Reward on nearly all Prime item(s) on amazon !

Check out  the offer’s FAQ’s/ details HERE

The free Whole Foods App will tell you many of the Whole Food Sales Going on NOW in the stores. The stores themselves will obviously show you everything that is on super huge sales NOW. WF’s website after you put in the stores location nearest to you may also show you all of there super sales going on now too.

You can check out there Whole Food’s website’s Sales intro page buy copying and pasting this URL into your search engines web address bar.

Have MCS/ want  adult Organic clothes 50% off!?  They are now!

I’m defiantly using the special offer even if I don’t buy any WF’s special sale items.

Need some ideas on what to buy at Whole Foods?  Here are a few-

There house brand eggs are a very fare price off of a sale.   All there house brand eggs are very well priced. But, if you can’t afford organic ones they have a 365 brand which beats in quality most other non organic eggs.  They have 365 eggs in 2/3 sizes for both there 365 and Organic line.  The prices for these at full price vary but range from about 3$ a dozen to-4.50  at stores I’ve been to.

There non organic, Air Chilled, Bell and Evan’s, raw chicken if you can’t afford the organic is also a lot better then most other non organic chickens sold in american groceries. Partly because allot of it is Bell and Evans and Air Chilled. Making them Air chilled makes them nearly salt free and Bell Evan’s processes them less and maintains very high standards.  I’m NOT recommending there salty 365 Poultry brand. Or mentioning other non organic chicken brands they sell there.

There cooked Rotisserie chickens now thanks to Amazon are very fair prices as well.  With the Bell and Evan’s non organic and Organic ones available both in Plain salt free versions! They also make these chickens with a salt and pepper version, and a seasoned option or two. The non Organic ones are 8$ The Organic are now 10$  . Sometimes beating out/lowering other grocery chains cooked chickens prices.

If you need cold Oat Nut Milk  (Any fat percentage/the chocolate variety)  without much of (if any, added funny additives and defiantly GMO free). There price on that is very competitive.  If you have GERD go only with the lowest fat regular version.


Dairy or Candida Summit

Saturday, June 30th, 2018

July 9-15

Candida is in all dairy and causes far more harm to more people- then most people realize.  People on the Autism spectrum, with SPD, GERD, Roscia,  IBS, Candida Allergy, and Chron’s Disease, are not the only people who should avoid ALL Dairy. Dairy from cows, sheep, or goats that is.   That includes Organic.

To learn more about it and how it can harm so many.  Join the Summit! Before then here is a brief trailer for it!


Then go here to sign up for it FREE! The trailer on the sign up page is the same as the one in this post so, you do NOT need to see it again.

Autism Recovery Summit 2

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

April 7th The Autism Recovery Summit’s 2nd online conference will take place for free. For parents, professionals, and loved ones of those with ASD, SPD, or possibly ADHD. If you have ASD keep in mind the goals of those at this Summit are to make us have the easiest life possible. In a world not often created for us. NOT to cure us of our gifts.

I didn’t see the first one and I’m not an affiliate for this one. This Summit certainly won’t be for everyone.   Adults with these conditions weather we admit it or not. Or realize it or can’t see it. Have/had most of the challenges children do with the challenges addressed in this Summit. De-toxing, food sensitivities, sensory issues, ect. To learn more about it. Check it out here.

Betrayal, FREE Replay

Monday, November 14th, 2016

Starts again tomorrow.  So if you were too bizzy to see it the first time. Check it out this entire week for free.   See my previous posts for more details on each episode, the Q and A’s, and purchase package recommendation.

Medicinal Supplements Summit

Monday, September 12th, 2016

This Summit as I previously stated is one that applies to everyone. And if you want the transcripts, the rights to share the details, the credit for attending it,  any of it’s bonuses, / lifetime access to it. You MUST purchase it.  Till the end of the Summit it will be at a lower price then it could ever be again. So buy it now or soon. For the best deal. I recommend the online only or the online and USB package. Just not the USB only cause it lacks the bonuses.  Buy purchasing it you will get advanced access to if you don’t buy the USB only package.


Go here to purchase/for more info!



Healthy Travelers Summit

Monday, May 11th, 2015

If you haven’t yet signed up for this Summit it’s not too late. And if you have but, haven’t seen all of the interviews you’ve wanted to. ( Like me, due partly to UTUBE issues, saying it’s restricted content I’m not entitled too for some videos due to my settings 🙁 . The worst part is my utube settings DON’t restrict anything anymore.) I’m calling utube shortly. Today is very likely the last day to see them FREE. And guess what? Today is encore day, so, you can hear ANY of them. So take advantage. Aren’t we lucky! 


     Buy the way, the talk/ interview on “Traveling for Free ! ” only mostly applies to you if you have ample financial resources, own a real Credit card ( not a store CC), actually use it ALOT, and pay it all off the first month. And let’s be honest. How many of us ACTUALLY have these luxuries .!? This is a rhetorical ? If I had that luxury,  I might have bought this Summit with it’s added support group and bonuses. Therefore, I would say this talk now isn’t as imp. to hear. 



Want quality gf tv guidance?

Friday, March 27th, 2015

Jennifer Fugo from Gluten Free School (And the creator of the great Women’s Gluten Free Summit last year!) just e-mailed her list asking us to help her get more utube subscribers. Her list and utube subscription is free. Did you know you can be reminded of free podcasts she hosts buy being on her GF list ? And all the podcasts are also available in scripted form too.  If your deaf, hard of hearing, or have processing issues (like me,) this is especially helpful. 

    Her main audience is women partly because there the cooks in marriages, household head, and most willing to go to the doctors. Probably also because most people with the most diagnosed autoimmune disorders are women. And they need GF diets. However, people of both sexes need to be GF, often.  Espescially among those with ADHD, ASD, and certain other disabilities/ conditions. Therefore, if your a male ready for making your outcomes better.  And ready to take action.   Please subscribe to her channel. And perhaps her GF School e-mail list too. The info is rarely female specific.

 Anyway, if your a utube subscriber and your GF, considering it, or supporting someone who is. Please go subscribe to her channel. So she can deliver great,  Free,  GF, tv Programming to everyone that needs it.  She is NOT a fan of GF junk food either.  Here is the e-mail she sent her list in edited form. I just added the link. And deleted some links of hers at the bottom of it mostly.  

  Here is the link to subscribe. 

GF TV on utube! Jennifer Fugo   

I know it’s Friday and I HATE to bug you like this, but I really need your help which will take 2 seconds. Promise!
It’s almost 3/30 and it was my goal to bust through the 1000 subscriber mark for my Youtube channel. While we’re getting there, I’m still about 150 away from my target. It’s been my dream to be able to bring amazing TV content based around everything we do at GFS and this is a huge step to bringing that dream into reality.
And maybe you saw that I’m giving away an entire Nutribullet blender kit to one lucky winner tonight! (valued at $130) Maybe you need a new blender or you know someone for whom this would make an amazing gift! 
To enter (and help me out with this favor to bring you amazing TV programming)..
You will be automatically entered to win as well as subscribed to my Youtube channel. That’s it!
Thank you so so much for helping me reach this important goal to improve our community and best of luck to you on the giveaway. We’ll contact the winner via email!
Have a fantastic weekend!!!

Jennifer Fugo is founder and inspiring force behind Gluten Free School.  Her unique, commonsense approach to healthy gluten-free living has empowered thousands of women to make meaningful changes that simplify life and mealtime all over the world.

Need MORE help?

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