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The Truth About Vaccine’s Re-played

Friday, August 11th, 2017

Ty Bollinger (The creator of The Truth About Cancer, The Truth About Cancer The Global Qwest, And a live in person and Live Streamed Cancer Conference,) is about to replay another documentary series called, The Truth About Vaccines – free online viewing starting August 17th – August 24th. Back in February/ March there was talk about this series prior to it’s first screening shown last April. Most of it I saw then. And it was great! Just like Tye’s other documentary series/the conference. It will teach you about things beyond vaccines. And I’ll post you the schedule for it in a follow up post on here.

The Truth About Vaccines docu-series is back! If you missed the first free online screening of this powerful, eye-opening and massively successful series back in March, definitely don’t miss it this time around!   Sign up at the below url in order to see the  7 part  documentary series.   After watching the trailer below.  The documentary episodes do have subtitles which can be especially helpful for the hard of hearing/deaf community.  If you visit my April posts of this year on this blog you will see more info on this documentary series. As well as other blogs that I posted info on about this series.


The Autism, ADHD, and Sensory Processing Disorder Summit June 19-28th

Saturday, June 24th, 2017

Julie Matthews recently told me about this temporarily free Summit going on NOW. Trudy Scott is also a speaker in it.  Some of you might be interested in attending it. If so, sign up via the link below.

Interesting Image

Hi Alexandrea,

If you’re a parent, clinician, or caregiver supporting a child with Autism, ADHD, or Sensory Processing Disorder, be sure to check out this Free Summit on now.

Tara Hunkin has organized it – she’s an amazing mom that’s become a professional nutritionist and champion of biomedical interventions that help children. She teaches others how to navigate the options and make the most of their efforts.

This summit is really special, in that it shares professional insight from leading practitioners together with success tools and guidance from an experienced parent.


Learn about the microbiome, mitochondrial dysfunction, cell danger response, and cerebral folate deficiency in autism and related disorders. If your child has anxiety or behavioral challenges, you’ll learn something helpful.

The Summit is up right now and I’m also a featured speaker!

And the cool thing is that you can watch past videos too.


Here are some of my favorite speakers/subjects…

  • David Perlmutter, MD: The role of the microbiome in neurological health.
  • Trudy Scott, CN: Anxiety’s Role in ASD, ADHD and SPD and how nutrient therapy can help.
  • Nancy O’Hara, MD: What you need to know about cell danger response in ASD and other neurodevelopmental disorders.
  • Richard Frye, MD, Ph.D: Cerebral Folate Deficiency: and how it impairs neurological health
  • Elizabeth Mumper, MD: Mitochondrial Dysfunction and what it is and how to address the underlying causes.

And me…  Julie Matthews, NC: Phenol and Salicylate Sensitivities how foods impact your child’s behavior and how to fix the root cause.

The Autism, ADHD, and Sensory Processing Disorder Summit in LIVE now!

To your health,

Julie Matthews

Author, Nourishing Hope for Autism

Healing Our Children World Summit – For Special Needs parents

Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

The Healing Our Children World Summit-Encore Edition starts March first. It is before April which is ASD awareness month and the host is a nutrition, SPD, and ASD,  nutrition expert.  Her name is Julie Matthew’s who you can learn more about via her Nourishing Hope website  (Among other places). To learn more about the Functional medicine’s routes to helping care givers of children with any of the following-  Sensory Processing disorder’s, Allergies, ASD, ADHD, Asthma, Anxiety, Pandas, Lyme, Pans, and more.

check out this summit


Or for Julie Matthew’s  ( I edited it which came to me via an e-mail)  Intro to the Summit, encore Season! Read her description for it below.

The 2017 Healing our Children World Summit starts on March 1,  this year, for the first time, you’ll have the chance to listen to new interviews and also to listen to some of the best interviews from the first three years of the Summit. I’m calling it the Encore Edition.

As always, the Summit will bring you a mix of presenters and topics that will challenge and inspire you to rethink your relationship with your child (or with the parents and children you support professionally) and introduce you to some modalities and approaches to healing that could help bring about some shifts, from the subtle to the significant.

For new interviews, this year I’m speaking with Deana Welch about The Gift of Receiving (a critical skill for caregivers), with Mike Ulicki about his daughter’s experience with PANDAS, with Kelsey Fox Bennett about an integrated approach to helping children feel safe and stay regulated that involves both movement and essential oils, and with Shawna Pulver about the power of Functional Diagnostics Nutrition to determine what’s at the root of your child’s emotional, behavioral, or learning challenges. Plus, I’ll be leading another live EFT tapping class where we’ll do some tapping on releasing stress and increasing calm.

For encore interviews, I’m making available some of the most powerful and profound interviews from past Summits, including Sebern Fisher on neurofeedback, Gabor Mate on the biology of loss, Donna Jackson Nakazawa on Adverse Childhood Experiences, Bruce Lipton on epigenetics, Patty Wipfler on parenting aggressive children, and so many more. You can see the full speaker schedule here.

As always, it’s absolutely free to listen to each interview for 24 hours, starting at 9 am Central on the date listed (or 7 am Pacific, 8 am Mountain, 10 am Eastern, and 3 pm GMT). Four interviews (of about 1 hour in length each) will be available each day, starting on March 1, for six days. You’ll receive emails each day with a link to the day’s featured interviews.

I understand that you may not have four hours each day to listen to every interview. For some of you who signed up back in 2014 for the very first Summit, you may have already heard some interviews and can focus on new material and interviews you missed before. Even if every single interview is new for you, though, I urge you to trust your intuition about which interviews to focus on, and trust as well that you’ll learn what you most need to know. For those who don’t want to miss a single interview, or who know they’ll want to listen to several interviews again later (or to share with a spouse or colleague), you can also choose to purchase the audios to keep forever. (This year the upgrade also comes with my eCourse – 21 Days of Tapping -which delivers to your inbox 21 days of written and video tapping support on a range of issues facing parents of challenging children.)

The-Cancer Summit

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

Wanna learn about how functional medicine deals with cancer? If so, you
might want to check out this summit that started today and ends on March 23 ( next Monday. ) sign up/ learn more here.

Copy that into your search engine.

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Hey House Speakers

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

The Hey House World Summit has a lineup of speakers that looks GREAT! Want to get to know them and see their bios?  Go here for that and to download the FULL schedule in PDF form.


After Scrolling over ANY of there head shots click on VIEW DETAILS. There is where you’ll find their bios.


You may want to sign up for their newsletter too. I am today.  If so, scroll to the bottom of the page and see in the footer  Hay House Newsletter!   Understanding them generally will help you understand the details of the organization/community best. And the nuanced tone or more obvious ones possibly. Of the Summit also.  This can apply to other Summits as well. But do to the length, quality and magnitude of this Summit. That is especially important to get for this Summit in particular. Get It? I hope so.


I’ll likely post more about this Summit before it begins on this blog.

Connections with Summits

Friday, February 5th, 2016

Some of the Summits I highlight might not be relevant to your needs. So why, if I know this. Do I still share them with you? Here are some of those reasons.

My reader base has some variety.  There are guardians to those with disabilities, relatives and friends of those with disabilities, people with disabilities, children,  professionals who work with the disabled, the elderly (A different group type of challenges), and curious lay man who may or may not have a connection to those with anything.

What makes someone different or disabled can change depending on who you ask.   What makes for example an elderly person not disabled? Or someone simply with diabetes?

Each Summit has numerous speakers. If you gain learning that is relevant from just 1/2 speakers that is worth it to me.

The Summit’s often have speakers who are generalized experts in people problems.   Plus then experts in various highly skilled fields.  Therefore,  their knowledge about special people. While it may not be at the most complex level. What they do know about us IS usually exactly on point and accurate.  Because of what they do. And who they learn from. Not to mention their high level of passion to help others.

To understand what’s normal, a little abnormal, and different then you in certain ways. Can help some pin point where there personal differences lie. When this is done properly you can learn allot  about yourself and others like you. Which will only support you shining even more.

And the biggest reason, is because I can. These Summit’s are temporarily free. Were very lucky these professionals offer them to us free of charge. Allot of this information is usually otherwise very expensive. The more specialized the content in them, it is the more helpful for some of you. I understand that. But, at the same time. That would mean a much larger gift.  This needs to be fair to everyone and serve a large enough listening base. To break even at least in the costs of the presentations.




are you a Young adult with Cancer?

Sunday, December 6th, 2015

Are you 15-39 yrs old and have Cancer? If yes, you likely realize that children’s cancer services and adult services don’t always serve you well. Right?  And if your single or just trying to become independent regardless of single status. You may need a little extra guidance and support. No?

Well, your in luck! I certainly don’t have cancer.   And I’m sorry you do. But, I found an organization that could serve you, and specializes in supporting and inspiring life for those with cancer in this age group. This organization is also for cancer survivors who had it it as a young adult. Or there immediate caregivers if they have one.   This organization is the biggest of it’s kind. And at first their vast variety of services could even overwhelm you.  If you allow them too.  So, don’t let them!

Here are some differences among those with cancer as a young adult?  Compared to a child or older adult with it.

Unlike the older adults you don’t always need to be writing your wills.

You shouldn’t be getting care just to tide you over till you die naturally.Traditional medicine does this if your older with a fetal diagnosis.

You don’t get some of the adult cancer’s. And your cancer may appear like a child’s regardless of if their’s an older person’s version of the same cancer type.  Then you need closer to a child’s treatment protocal. However, it could be strengthened or more excellerated.  Due to being an adult. And able to handle more.

Your care needs to keep in mind whenever possible maintaining a life outside of your treatment. Yes, older adults may need this too. But, there thought of as less vibrant and lively as a whole.

This organization has face-book groups, road trips, day conferences,  connects to cancer retreats, live help, a blog with different young adult writers- who have or had cancer, a magazine, radio station, a tv show, Instapeer and more!

From what I can tell the only thing they MAY not have yet is holistic/non-traditional cancer treatment protocal connections.

And they don’t sell wigs.

The organization. Is “Stupid Cancer!” This link,  Highlights how your SO NOT ALONE!





Eating Disorder’s Anyone? See my changes below

Monday, October 26th, 2015

While I seriously hope you don’t have one. If you do. Or someone you care about does.   You should defiantly check out the Functional Medicine approach to them. As long as you follow the criteria of who needs this conference below.  There are some major important differences between how a functional medicine practioner or program will work with you. Vs. A conventional medicine route in aiding someone with it. And I know at least 1 of the speakers specifically is trained in ADHD and LD counseling with food as well.!

One of my categories is “All” on this post because many people who don’t have it. Could learn about them. To bring self awareness to this specific community (ties).  I have only once seen this topic for the free online conferences so, take advantage of it while it’s avail.  I haven’t heard most of these speakers before so I can’t say much there. But, that doesn’t mean much.

If your an aspie  (or anyone else) with great self awareness, is emotionally healthy and stable with or without meds and have a high desire to learn the content to help others.  Your then a good if not great fit for this conference. If your NOT all of that and don’t have a traditional eating disorder. Do NOT sign up for this conference.  I highly recommend people with any of the following DON’T attend. I  guarantee you if you have any of the following unless you ALSO have a traditional Eating Disorder  (which you may) Same idea if you have eating differences due to SPD,  legit food sensitivities, ADHD,  Gluten Intolerance, Gluten Sensitivity, PDD-NOS,   picky eater’s (Unless perhaps they have VERY poor basic blood work. Showing several nutritional defiancies often. That CAN’T be fixed via a small number of supplements max.)   ASD, Roscia, Diabetic,  IBD, IBS, Colitis, Chron’s, Celiac, Chronic inflammation, Bipolar, auto immune conditions, Chronic Constipation, food intolarances, or food Allergies.   No official diagnosis’s are needed to count for the exclusion.  Just accuracy of what you have is what is Important.

Most of the above diagnosis’s are very infrequently if ever seen in people with Eating Disorder’s. Another words, A small number of  people with any of those above diagnosis’s can have people who ALSO, have eating disorders.   People with Diabeties, depression, bipolar,  perhaps food allergies, Chron’s, and  those with auto immune condition’s are those who could have BOTH.  NONE of the diagnosis’s above however are Eating Disorders.

Anyone who is any of the below (Whether there any of the above or not.) SHOULD sign up for it-

Anyone with any of the below Traditional Eating Disorders. An Eating Disorder would be-

A fitness obsessed type of person,  Even though this one unfortunately is only now starting to appear more now.


if your an over eater,

defiantly if you Binge.

NOS (A combo of  any of the previous ones conditions AFTER I said exempt)

The reasoning behind the explanations above should be clear. But, in case there not.

Traditional Medicine combines Disordered Eating which is anyone with ANY of the above unless you are a perfect weight.  As someone with an Eating Disorder. Isn’t that CRAZY!?  I know, right?

Functional Medicine partly exists for that exact reason. To say that that is NUTS! Wanna know what else they think? Click here! Click Here! And don’t forget to tune in November 2-6th  !


If you want more on this conference from me there is 1 post on my nontoxic4us blog about it also.

Now that I know allot more about this Summit.  Although a couple-to some of the experts have worked with thin anorexics. This Summit won’t serve this population of of people with Eating Disorders (or ED). However, many, if not most in person eating disorder Clinics/Hospitals/programs specialize the most in thin patients with Anorexia. (Even if they allow people with other types of ED) .

Tomorrow, this conference will allow it’s signed up attendees to hear ALL the talks. As well as access to all the bonuses and speaker’s websites for one last time for free.

The video’s sometimes stop before they end. And you have to restart them again. But, if you pay attention enough you can fast forward to where it stopped.  Also, some of the speaker’s don’t go into much detail most of the time. And that makes some of the talks less valuable, in my opinion.

Also, the ones I’ve heard the content for are super simple/basic for the most part.  Which I guess could be good if you need that.  My educated guess would be the other speakers I haven’t heard/watched. Would follow the same suite.

If your looking to work with someone ONE ON ONE.- Also, not all the speaker’s work in a Functional Medicine setting. So, some of there mindsets/beliefs (Or there colleagues) maybe somewhat undesirable/unneeded for your specific situation(s). Especially if you have food intolerances/Sensory issues/sensitivities/allergies/ or another condition that requires eliminating certain foods.  So, if that’s the case. You may want to proceed only with a two way interview first.   If you have a social based neurological or neuro-biological issue  more then 1 interview of sorts may informally be acceptable. (See in three sentences who more specifically qualify as such)    And you are super aware of what you do and don’t need. And are able to communicate them.  Aspie, NV-LD,  ADHD,  PDD-NOS, SPD, Executive Functioning issues or the like.

However, if you are super aware of what you do and don’t need. And aren’t a weak communicator or self advocate. With a decent amount of self-motivation, and interest in self-teaching.  There’s a great chance you want need 1 on 1 counseling with a health coach/ dietician, especially.





YAI International Conference in Manhattan, NYC

Saturday, April 25th, 2015

This year in Midtown, Manhattan which is in NYC. YAI will have their annual conference on May 4-7th. Their theme is living, Loving, Working,and Learning- and it’s for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities ( Like ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia, and Dysgraphia only to name a few). Who’s going? Adults with it, and those who care for them, and or those who work with them. And guess who’s going all 4 days? If you guessed me. Your Right!

I’m defiantly attending all afternoon on Tuesday the gathering for adult self advocates! Check out the brochure pdf at the link below! And expect me to post more about this conference in the future! There will be over 200 presenters so go to the URL and click the brochure PDF for the details. This is one conference that’s going to be AWESOME!

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Autism Empowerment Summit

Monday, January 26th, 2015

The Autism Empowerment Telesummit is ideal for parents of young children on the spectrum. This year, it’s early and is Jan 26th.-30th. It’s not during the swamped autism awareness month, that’s nice.  And it’s true starting SPD (Sensory therapy) as young as possible is essential for lifetime sensory issues to be eliminated, reduced, or best coped with. But, unlike last years. I can’t say I’m looking forward to it. I signed up for it, cause I felt I had to.(In case it surprises me, and I have time for it) And am posting about it for the same reason. And I probably know a lot of what I trust, coming from it already, too. Anyway, sign up for it here