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Betrayal- The Last Episode

Thursday, October 6th, 2016
Now, here’s the scoop on episode 7!
Over the course of the last week, we have taken on food sensitivities, the environment, good and bad bacteria, how your gut and brain are related to autoimmune diseases, and so much more! This ties it ALL together. Be sure to budget time to watch and get some of the most important info in the entire series in episode 7, being released tonight!
In this episode you will discover how several patients went through traditional diagnoses and medical protocols, and just never got any better. WHY????
What are we missing?
While some things ARE out of your immediate control (like the chemicals in your greater environment), many people who suffer with some of the most debilitating autoimmune diseases have been able to turn their lives completely around!
What is the secret? What are the protocols?
You’re going to hear an entire episode of inspirational case studies. You’re going to learn how they got better. This will solidify your understanding and help you get into action as you see the incredible transformations of others.
Episode 7 went live last night at 6:00 PM PST, 9:00 PM EST, US time!
You can visit the page now here-
This is an edited E-mail from Tom O’Bryan and the Betrayal team.

Betrayal- Episode 1 Reopened temporarily

Friday, September 30th, 2016
If you missed Episode 1 or want to see it again. For a limited time it’s available at the link below.
**  Due to the overwhelming amount of requests we’ve received, we have opened the first video in the Betrayal Series so you can watch it again!  Just click this link below and Video #1 has been unlocked. We love our community!
Video #1 Re-Opened: Click Here To View

Medicinal Supplements Summit

Monday, September 12th, 2016

September 12-19 will be the dates for the Medicinal Supplements Summit. Which could be the most possibly-the most personal, professionally geared, and Integrative Summit Ever! You see, prescriptions and supplements are both near the traditional Medicine and Functional Medicine line. Supplements sometimes are used instead of prescriptions. However, traditional Doctors rarely if ever know much about them. Functional medicine doctors, and other health related and trained professionals defiantly know them (Including Health Coaches). But, only resort to them when apsolutely necessary.

Please note- There are a fair number of types of over the counters. Therefore, there not all un-researched, or all correctly able to be categorized into any 1 or two anything.   So don’t assume everything you hear. Or think everything always applies to you.   Because, it may not.

Anyway, I asked for a Summit about this.  For all of you. So I truly hope, you listen (If not buy) this one.

This Summit is one of if not more relevant for my audience then many that I’ve come across over the last few years.   So, you SERIOUSLY need IT.

Me being an AFFILIATE for it, should show you how much.

Here’s where to register for it and get more info

Go now before you forget! And don’t miss day one! You can vote for your favourite speaker’s at the end of the week likely. But, only if you listen to it!



GI Mastery Course

Thursday, September 1st, 2016

While this course is made for Practitioner’s. A very educated lay men will understand and benefit allot from this course. It’s obviously far from free. It’s harder then a basic health coach level training.

Which makes this right up your ally if your an aspie/one who supports an aspie/ ASD person/ anyone else with complex GI needs who is motivated to get answers and implement them into their daily lives.   While I’ve never taken this course. I have learned at least the majority of it’s content. And for ALLOT cheaper.

This Doctor has done allot of ASD GI research. He’s one of the top professor’s who teach doctors and FM Practitioners how to serve this specific population.  Through mastery of knowing this population. He has tons of GI knowledge and solutions for people with many other GI related symptoms/conditions.    If you can afford it. And need a class to master this content. No matter if you work in this field or not. I highly recommend this course.   It’s more thorough/in depth then most, if not all of the other’s I’ve seen.  That teach allot of the same content.  It also has some unique advantages like,  the included tests, mastery of the topic, and more.

He’s an Integrative Doctor who’s taught Julie Matthew’s whom I’ve highlighted on my blog.  So, He’s a really big deal.


Here’s Trudy Scott’s summary and affiliate link for it.


1) GI Mastery Course with Dr. Kurt Woeller – starts September 8 (online)

Gastrointestinal problems are a central component of many people’s health issues. Unfortunately, conventional medicine often doesn’t understand the significant role that GI issues play in many chronic health complaints.

Dr. Kurt Woeller is offering his very popular GI Mastery Course again, and if you are a health care practitioner interested in treating gastrointestinal issues using integrative and functional medicine, this is an excellent program. You may recall Dr Woeller’s excellent interview on low cholesterol and oxytocin on season 4 of The Anxiety Summit!

The start date has been pushed out a week and is now September 8, 2016. The course also includes 2 lab tests: Organic Acids Test from Great Plains Laboratory and GI Pathogen Stool Test (401-h) from Bio Health.

Learn more and register here
(EARLY BIRD has also been extended to midnight, September 6th!)



The Sleep Success Summit, Buy Sean Croxton

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

Sean Croxton And Dr. Michael Breus are now hosting the Sleep Success Summit until August 15th.   Remember Sean’s previous Summits? He hosted, The Depression Sessions, The Digestion Sessions, The Eat Real Food Conference, and The Thyroid Sessions.  Well, he’s put together 1 more conference, 1 last time.   Partly cause I asked and cause not anyone in functional Medicine ever really did one from what we could remember. Another Conference that looks really good! From what I’ve heard so far.  And seeing what speakers and topics are being addressed.

You need to check it out. And if you can afford it (Today is the last day at the lowest price  points for certain package’s.) Buy it!  Here’s some of the speakers and topics.

Register for it here!

Dr. Michael Breus one of the hosts of the summit was also interviewed by Sean Croxton. That interview is simply called, “An Interview with The Sleep Doctor.”   Here are some of the speakers and there topics.

  • Izabella Wentz, PharmD, FASCP – Getting to the Root Cause of Hypersomnia and Thyroid Fatigue
  • Johnathan Bailor- Connection between Sleep and Weight Loss
  • Daniel Kalish, DC – How Sleep Influences Functional Medicine
  • Does Gut Health Effect the Quality of Sleep ? Jillian Sarno-Teta, ND
  • Smith L Johnson 111 MD Nasa Sleep Doctor, Sleeping on the Space Station
  • What’s it like to go through Sleep Testing? Terry Craelle, RN, MS, CPHQ

You can PURCHASE it HERE   (it’s summit special pricing until the summit ends).  (This is Trudy Scott’s Purchase link but the register link is from Doctor Breus) .

I hand selected the topics and speakers selected above for my specific, expected, reader base. I have not heard them all yet. And I encourage you to hear all you feel you may benefit from even if I didn’t list the talk above. And don’t forget to take notes if you don’t purchase any of the packages especially.



Super Power LIVE Conference Streaming

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

Jim Kwik, is a memory coach and the host of this weekends, LIVE Superhero You Brainpower Conference in Los Angeles, CA.

Doctor Amen whom I’ve posted previously about who is an ADHD expert, ( And who works in other brain science areas) is only 1 of over 30 speaker’s you can hear LIVE for free ONLINE. There will even be a speaker who has synesthesia. A rare sensory processing disorder!

Those who aren’t online spent/ will be spending thousands including travel and lodging expenses to go in person to this.

I’d check this out today. And sign up if your at all curious about it. Listening to speakers certainly won’t cure you. But, if you take action on what you learn from them. It might make your life easier, sooner. And most of the speakers are likely going to be new to many of you. Folks with LD and ADHD may benefit more from some of the talks then someone with just autism would. And Mindfulness is not MY FAVORITE stress relief practice.

Sign up and get more info about it


And if you know others who might benefit from it and are available this weekend. Please send them to this post/ link.

Who’s joining me?

Feel free to share what you think of it after in the comment section below. State which speakers you heard and really liked also.

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Unleash Your Greatness Summit!

Monday, November 16th, 2015

The Unleash Your Greatness Summit! November 16-23, 2015  

   Excluding this and the next 2 paragraphs (From Alexandrea) The rest is from Trudy Scott. However, it could help some of you in my disability community. If however your  disabilities are complex, severe, or both. This summit may be discouraging.  If you really truly can’t be close to who they encourage you to be -do to real differences/impairments.

     Obviously, I’m not a credited affiliate.  Why? well if your an affiliate I’m sure you’d understand the answer to that question. Especially if your an aspie.

Also, if your an aspie/THINK in a different language unless you need a review on the NT mindset you may not appreciate this summit/ not fully. And even if your not depressed. It could also be harmful to you. Because it highlights (Meaning it assumes and makes it seam normal if not healthy to think in some less healthy ways that NT’s think often in naturally.) Another words, aspie adults (Even though change is hard for us) can be the least stuck in our ways then any community I know.  We are easily influenced and often want to fit in. I’m also saying, I don’t want you negatively influenced into normal “NT brain thinking patterns”. How you think differently. As long as it’s healthy is just as good as if not better then how some NT’s think.   If the speakers didn’t speak in the way they do/the topic of the summit was very different the under toned NT’s mindset wouldn’t be one there trying to reverse so much.  Naturally, Aspies don’t think like that. We are wired to think more positively at our roots.


Discover the 8 secret principles of greatness to transform your life! The 28 expert speakers will reveal how to overcome adversity, find success and chart a new life path!

Each day will focus on one of the eight following principles of greatness:

  • Create a Vision
  • Turn Adversity Into Advantage
  • Cultivate a Champion’s Mindset
  • Develop Hustle, Master Your Body
  • Practice Positive Habits
  • Build a Winning Team
  • Be of Service to Others

The Unleash Your Greatness Summit was created to bring to life the eight principles of greatnessthat Lewis Howes reveals in his book, The School of Greatness, that can be used to create the building blocks for a better life. Anyone who is looking to change their life for the better will benefit from this summit, as the principles apply across all facets of life – from career to family to health and beyond – and we all have the capacity within us to be great.

I’ve met Lewis Howes and he is very inspiring! Although this summit is a little different from some of the other summit’s I share, many of topics intrigue me so I figure they’ll intrigue you too! I’m really looking to some of the interviews on how to turn adversity into advantage (JJ Virgin’s story is very inspiring) and the principle of being of service to others.

Registration details here:

Digestion Sessions, Early Bird Pricing

Thursday, October 29th, 2015

I bought this last year at the early bird pricing which was the cheapest prices. It seams that’s true this year as well. I’m not sure if he’ll ever have it this price again. However, Underground Wellness is going to be changing very soon. It could be the last opportunity at this price. The information mostly all still applies to now.

Please see my other posts on here/my disability blog if you haven’t yet first.

Order Info Here

If you order from this link you should assume I’m an affiliate and will make something from the sale. However, unlike most affiliates. I rarely allow myself to be an official affiliate and make anything from ANY conference, movie, documentary,/event.  Which means, I really find this particular conference/Sessions valuable. And it’s a true recommendation.


Eating Disorder’s Anyone? See my changes below

Monday, October 26th, 2015

While I seriously hope you don’t have one. If you do. Or someone you care about does.   You should defiantly check out the Functional Medicine approach to them. As long as you follow the criteria of who needs this conference below.  There are some major important differences between how a functional medicine practioner or program will work with you. Vs. A conventional medicine route in aiding someone with it. And I know at least 1 of the speakers specifically is trained in ADHD and LD counseling with food as well.!

One of my categories is “All” on this post because many people who don’t have it. Could learn about them. To bring self awareness to this specific community (ties).  I have only once seen this topic for the free online conferences so, take advantage of it while it’s avail.  I haven’t heard most of these speakers before so I can’t say much there. But, that doesn’t mean much.

If your an aspie  (or anyone else) with great self awareness, is emotionally healthy and stable with or without meds and have a high desire to learn the content to help others.  Your then a good if not great fit for this conference. If your NOT all of that and don’t have a traditional eating disorder. Do NOT sign up for this conference.  I highly recommend people with any of the following DON’T attend. I  guarantee you if you have any of the following unless you ALSO have a traditional Eating Disorder  (which you may) Same idea if you have eating differences due to SPD,  legit food sensitivities, ADHD,  Gluten Intolerance, Gluten Sensitivity, PDD-NOS,   picky eater’s (Unless perhaps they have VERY poor basic blood work. Showing several nutritional defiancies often. That CAN’T be fixed via a small number of supplements max.)   ASD, Roscia, Diabetic,  IBD, IBS, Colitis, Chron’s, Celiac, Chronic inflammation, Bipolar, auto immune conditions, Chronic Constipation, food intolarances, or food Allergies.   No official diagnosis’s are needed to count for the exclusion.  Just accuracy of what you have is what is Important.

Most of the above diagnosis’s are very infrequently if ever seen in people with Eating Disorder’s. Another words, A small number of  people with any of those above diagnosis’s can have people who ALSO, have eating disorders.   People with Diabeties, depression, bipolar,  perhaps food allergies, Chron’s, and  those with auto immune condition’s are those who could have BOTH.  NONE of the diagnosis’s above however are Eating Disorders.

Anyone who is any of the below (Whether there any of the above or not.) SHOULD sign up for it-

Anyone with any of the below Traditional Eating Disorders. An Eating Disorder would be-

A fitness obsessed type of person,  Even though this one unfortunately is only now starting to appear more now.


if your an over eater,

defiantly if you Binge.

NOS (A combo of  any of the previous ones conditions AFTER I said exempt)

The reasoning behind the explanations above should be clear. But, in case there not.

Traditional Medicine combines Disordered Eating which is anyone with ANY of the above unless you are a perfect weight.  As someone with an Eating Disorder. Isn’t that CRAZY!?  I know, right?

Functional Medicine partly exists for that exact reason. To say that that is NUTS! Wanna know what else they think? Click here! Click Here! And don’t forget to tune in November 2-6th  !


If you want more on this conference from me there is 1 post on my nontoxic4us blog about it also.

Now that I know allot more about this Summit.  Although a couple-to some of the experts have worked with thin anorexics. This Summit won’t serve this population of of people with Eating Disorders (or ED). However, many, if not most in person eating disorder Clinics/Hospitals/programs specialize the most in thin patients with Anorexia. (Even if they allow people with other types of ED) .

Tomorrow, this conference will allow it’s signed up attendees to hear ALL the talks. As well as access to all the bonuses and speaker’s websites for one last time for free.

The video’s sometimes stop before they end. And you have to restart them again. But, if you pay attention enough you can fast forward to where it stopped.  Also, some of the speaker’s don’t go into much detail most of the time. And that makes some of the talks less valuable, in my opinion.

Also, the ones I’ve heard the content for are super simple/basic for the most part.  Which I guess could be good if you need that.  My educated guess would be the other speakers I haven’t heard/watched. Would follow the same suite.

If your looking to work with someone ONE ON ONE.- Also, not all the speaker’s work in a Functional Medicine setting. So, some of there mindsets/beliefs (Or there colleagues) maybe somewhat undesirable/unneeded for your specific situation(s). Especially if you have food intolerances/Sensory issues/sensitivities/allergies/ or another condition that requires eliminating certain foods.  So, if that’s the case. You may want to proceed only with a two way interview first.   If you have a social based neurological or neuro-biological issue  more then 1 interview of sorts may informally be acceptable. (See in three sentences who more specifically qualify as such)    And you are super aware of what you do and don’t need. And are able to communicate them.  Aspie, NV-LD,  ADHD,  PDD-NOS, SPD, Executive Functioning issues or the like.

However, if you are super aware of what you do and don’t need. And aren’t a weak communicator or self advocate. With a decent amount of self-motivation, and interest in self-teaching.  There’s a great chance you want need 1 on 1 counseling with a health coach/ dietician, especially.