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Medicinal Supplements Summit

Monday, September 12th, 2016

This Summit as I previously stated is one that applies to everyone. And if you want the transcripts, the rights to share the details, the credit for attending it,  any of it’s bonuses, / lifetime access to it. You MUST purchase it.  Till the end of the Summit it will be at a lower price then it could ever be again. So buy it now or soon. For the best deal. I recommend the online only or the online and USB package. Just not the USB only cause it lacks the bonuses.  Buy purchasing it you will get advanced access to if you don’t buy the USB only package.


Go here to purchase/for more info!



Medicinal Supplements Summit

Monday, September 12th, 2016

September 12-19 will be the dates for the Medicinal Supplements Summit. Which could be the most possibly-the most personal, professionally geared, and Integrative Summit Ever! You see, prescriptions and supplements are both near the traditional Medicine and Functional Medicine line. Supplements sometimes are used instead of prescriptions. However, traditional Doctors rarely if ever know much about them. Functional medicine doctors, and other health related and trained professionals defiantly know them (Including Health Coaches). But, only resort to them when apsolutely necessary.

Please note- There are a fair number of types of over the counters. Therefore, there not all un-researched, or all correctly able to be categorized into any 1 or two anything.   So don’t assume everything you hear. Or think everything always applies to you.   Because, it may not.

Anyway, I asked for a Summit about this.  For all of you. So I truly hope, you listen (If not buy) this one.

This Summit is one of if not more relevant for my audience then many that I’ve come across over the last few years.   So, you SERIOUSLY need IT.

Me being an AFFILIATE for it, should show you how much.

Here’s where to register for it and get more info

Go now before you forget! And don’t miss day one! You can vote for your favourite speaker’s at the end of the week likely. But, only if you listen to it!



Auditory Processing Friendly Speeches

Monday, July 25th, 2016

While watching a Democratic convention speech on tv,/live/utube/fb/ may work for many. Not everyone learns best in those ways. And for some. They can’t find the time or energy even if there not challenged with an Auditory Processing Disorder (Like me!), ADHD, MCS, mold sensitivity, SPD, are deaf, blind, or hard of hearing. For these individuals the “DNC 2016″ free, app is available via the apple and google play android app store.   It provides transcripts of the speeches at the 2016 Convention. And hopefully for the meetings at it too.! (Will see- if you work there, this be an awesome addition if you don’t do this yet.  Please try to do this-thanks.)


This app is certainly helpful for others as well. It will offer Live Streaming for example.  Did you know that now Nook Tablets have legal access to the google play app store!?  They do! No illegal rooting required.

So no excuses to not be in the know about the democratic convention!

Even chrome-books can download it !

The Democratic Convention Welcomes the Differently Brilliant!

Monday, July 25th, 2016

Philly Strives to be a leading Aspie friendly city in the US. So, how can it NOT be a good place for this years so important Democratic Convention!  To be aspie friendly takes allot of attention to detail. And while I don’t know how many ASD advocates are attending their committee meetings yet on Monday/Wednesday. I do know that attention to detail really pays off for those with a variety of disabilities both in Philly this week. And far beyond if Hillary wins in November. Did you notice they’ll have face masks available for those with reactions to chemicals and scents.? That’s HUGE!   See how the right advocacy and the right candidates SERIOUSLY matter. ? It’s partly because of people like Hillary, me, and other advocates that this is offered and to some level will be accepted. And eventually celebration. Is changing how society views us. Which ultimately if done correctly. Will only HELP us.   Check out the Conventions accomodations for everyone with a disability. That and there speaker line up. Is defiantly more welcoming then the republican’s convention.

That’s for sure!  Did you see there line up of speakers? And there lack of some accommodations? The ones they do have are only available buy coincidence too. Like the limited bus transportation that the city provided.

2016 Democratic National Convention Announces Plans to Make this the Most Accessible Convention Ever




Anastasia Somoza- At Democratic Convention- Monday

Monday, July 25th, 2016

Anastasia Somoza is a successful,  International, Disability Rights Advocate for those with disabilities. She has worked besides Hillary Clinton, and has helped numerous individuals starting at the very young age of 9. She has Cerebral Palsy and moves about with a wheelchair/walker. Along with an aides assistance 24/7.   She will be speaking as part of the Convention tomorrow. And you can also learn more about her via her website and through the vimeo video and link below.

The Vimeo video is here. It’s old. And she doesn’t any longer need the money she’s requesting in the video. But, you can learn more about her easily and quickly by watching it.

Human Rights Advocate Runs Multiple Campaigns to Chase a Dream


Her website is here-

Her blog is NOT developed though.  She’s mostly an instagram and twitter chick.

US Democratic Convention Overview and Prep.

Monday, July 25th, 2016

This week is VERY important since it’s the Democratic Convention and the first year Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee for the First woman President. But, it’s also important for all of us. Including animals, nature, and even foreigners. And The democratic convention is now – Thursday. And Monday -Wednesday there’s atleast 1 if not two speakers or meetings at the convention that discuss disability or highlight atleast one inspiring differently abled  individual.

If possible,- I strongly recommend you pay attention to this convention and politics even if you typically don’t.  And foreigners tuning into u-tube, the newspapers, or their news channels could inspire you to make your country become better too. U-tube will have at least some live streaming of the events also.

I’m going to a live streaming watch party,  Tuesday night in NYC. And possibly another elsewhere as well.  Watch Parties are GREAT! But, there environment for those with sensory processing issues, energy challenges, MCS, mold issues, and the like are far from ideal. So, pray- I don’t get to overwhelmed because of the challenges with noise, lights, chemicals, the time, ect.  Can I trust you’ll do that for me?  Sure, I have ways to lessen my sensory issues. But, none of my tricks (/Partial Solutions) can prepare me entirely for this.

If your time, geographical location,  and Disability potential advocacy skills have the interest. Please buy all means attend the day time meeting at the banks that are disability related and open to the public. And if you do. Please comment below to share you attended any, if you do.  And how they went.

See the schedule for the speakers and groups here. –


The Natural Medicine NOW Summit

Friday, February 5th, 2016

February 15-22nd is the Natural Medicine NOW Summit created buy,  The Natural Medicine Now University. It will generally address many needs in natural ways.   There are speakers on topics of heart health, Thyroid, De-toxing, Autism, allergy, and even body temperature.  Among other’s.  The level of this conference content difficulty I would say is at a health coach level.  Which seams to me to mean a serious beginner. Not a novice one still trying to believe the truth or realism behind functional medicine’s different scientific approaches.


Great for beginners! Click here!

A Desperately Needed Positive Approach

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

ReAttach Therapy addresses depression, thought processes, and behavior in a gentle and effective manner to improve the individuals and their families who receive it. When I say families I mean the people closely in contact with the individual on a regular basis. So, for adults, it could be employers, family, friends, ect. It is a therapy that is highly individualized and has a great tone. When I say tone, I mean approach and how it’s received publicly.  Because of this I highly recommend you check it out more here.

If your a professional PLEASE consider it’s training  here, here, or here. If your a parent of a child or adult with mental health needs/sp. neurological/neuro-biological needs  check it out as well.  If your autistic, ADHD, depressed, or have any other type of disability. Check it out here.

The here’s above in grey all are clickable to different relevant website pages speaking of this therapy.

I hate to say this but-   Please keep in mind-  In order for any therapy to be the most effective. An individual needs therapy and the right support outside of it. So, if YOU are unwilling or unable to be that. Any therapy might not be worth the time, energy and money.  It’s NOT just all about us.

Note- If I haven’t personally approved anything. You can assume, I won’t post about it.  This means. I obviously have already checked this out thoroughly. And find it worthy of your attention.


Unleash Your Greatness Summit!

Monday, November 16th, 2015

The Unleash Your Greatness Summit! November 16-23, 2015  

   Excluding this and the next 2 paragraphs (From Alexandrea) The rest is from Trudy Scott. However, it could help some of you in my disability community. If however your  disabilities are complex, severe, or both. This summit may be discouraging.  If you really truly can’t be close to who they encourage you to be -do to real differences/impairments.

     Obviously, I’m not a credited affiliate.  Why? well if your an affiliate I’m sure you’d understand the answer to that question. Especially if your an aspie.

Also, if your an aspie/THINK in a different language unless you need a review on the NT mindset you may not appreciate this summit/ not fully. And even if your not depressed. It could also be harmful to you. Because it highlights (Meaning it assumes and makes it seam normal if not healthy to think in some less healthy ways that NT’s think often in naturally.) Another words, aspie adults (Even though change is hard for us) can be the least stuck in our ways then any community I know.  We are easily influenced and often want to fit in. I’m also saying, I don’t want you negatively influenced into normal “NT brain thinking patterns”. How you think differently. As long as it’s healthy is just as good as if not better then how some NT’s think.   If the speakers didn’t speak in the way they do/the topic of the summit was very different the under toned NT’s mindset wouldn’t be one there trying to reverse so much.  Naturally, Aspies don’t think like that. We are wired to think more positively at our roots.


Discover the 8 secret principles of greatness to transform your life! The 28 expert speakers will reveal how to overcome adversity, find success and chart a new life path!

Each day will focus on one of the eight following principles of greatness:

  • Create a Vision
  • Turn Adversity Into Advantage
  • Cultivate a Champion’s Mindset
  • Develop Hustle, Master Your Body
  • Practice Positive Habits
  • Build a Winning Team
  • Be of Service to Others

The Unleash Your Greatness Summit was created to bring to life the eight principles of greatnessthat Lewis Howes reveals in his book, The School of Greatness, that can be used to create the building blocks for a better life. Anyone who is looking to change their life for the better will benefit from this summit, as the principles apply across all facets of life – from career to family to health and beyond – and we all have the capacity within us to be great.

I’ve met Lewis Howes and he is very inspiring! Although this summit is a little different from some of the other summit’s I share, many of topics intrigue me so I figure they’ll intrigue you too! I’m really looking to some of the interviews on how to turn adversity into advantage (JJ Virgin’s story is very inspiring) and the principle of being of service to others.

Registration details here:

Escape Fire- Film Festival= Functional Medicine

Monday, October 26th, 2015

Sorry this is posted late.   I don’t have time to write this myself. Plus, James has seen it and I haven’t yet. So, hear you go.  I’ll be watching it online. How about you?  I’m sorry folks, this isn’t free. Whether it’s cheap or not is dependent on what platform you use if watching it online. I’ll be renting from Amazon so, it will be only a couple/few dollars through my Prime account.  After I watch it guys I’ll post again provided it wasn’t bad. With a review so you know how worth watching it or not it is.   Sound good? I hope so!

Hello Alexandrea,


If you were to watch one movie this year that could completely shift the way you think about your health and the world of medicine…


…that movie would be ESCAPE FIRE.


From October 26-29th (and rolling into November) the Evolution of Medicine Company presents its first ever film festival screening the film Escape Fire.


Escape Fire sheds a light on the fact that the present healthcare system doesn’t work. It’s generating rivers of money that are flowing into very few pockets, often leaving people more sick then they were before treatment. While highlighting the problem, Escape Fire also reveals practical solutions to preventing disease and navigating healthcare to keep you and your family healthy.


No matter where you are, there are two ways to watch this ground-breaking film:

1. Watch it locally, from October 26th through mid November, we’ve teamed up with a group of health professionals in 26 cities across the USA to host local screenings in AZ, CA, FL, GA, IL, IN, IA, LA, ME, MT, NV, NY, OH, OR, UT, VA, and WA.

2. If there isn’t a screening in your area, you can watch it online here.


Click below to watch the trailer and register to attend a local screening.



Here’s a comprehensive listing of all the movie screenings around the USA. If you want to attend, register today as some of these screenings may not happen if the RSVP list isn’t big enough.


Scottsdale, AZ

Westlake Village, CA

Larkspur, CA

Melbourne, FL

Altamonte Springs, FL

Cumming, GA

Wheaton, IL

Hodgkins, IL

Woodridge, IL

Indianapolis, IN

Iowa City, IA

Baton Rouge, LA

South Portland, ME

Missoula, MT

Las Vegas, NV

Huntington, NY

Cleveland Heights, OH

Medford, OR

Tomball, TX

Houston, TX

San Antonio, TX

Salt Lake City, UT

St. George, UT

Vancouver, WA

Spokane, WA

Virginia Beach, VA


Click here to find your city and register today.


If your city isn’t listed, follow this link to watch Escape Fire online.


Thanks much, and see you at the EvoMed Film Festival!

James Maskell

Founder and CEO Evolution of Medicine
A: 110 E 25th St, NY, NY 10010

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