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Hey House Speakers

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

The Hey House World Summit has a lineup of speakers that looks GREAT! Want to get to know them and see their bios?  Go here for that and to download the FULL schedule in PDF form.


After Scrolling over ANY of there head shots click on VIEW DETAILS. There is where you’ll find their bios.


You may want to sign up for their newsletter too. I am today.  If so, scroll to the bottom of the page and see in the footer  Hay House Newsletter!   Understanding them generally will help you understand the details of the organization/community best. And the nuanced tone or more obvious ones possibly. Of the Summit also.  This can apply to other Summits as well. But do to the length, quality and magnitude of this Summit. That is especially important to get for this Summit in particular. Get It? I hope so.


I’ll likely post more about this Summit before it begins on this blog.

Connections with Summits

Friday, February 5th, 2016

Some of the Summits I highlight might not be relevant to your needs. So why, if I know this. Do I still share them with you? Here are some of those reasons.

My reader base has some variety.  There are guardians to those with disabilities, relatives and friends of those with disabilities, people with disabilities, children,  professionals who work with the disabled, the elderly (A different group type of challenges), and curious lay man who may or may not have a connection to those with anything.

What makes someone different or disabled can change depending on who you ask.   What makes for example an elderly person not disabled? Or someone simply with diabetes?

Each Summit has numerous speakers. If you gain learning that is relevant from just 1/2 speakers that is worth it to me.

The Summit’s often have speakers who are generalized experts in people problems.   Plus then experts in various highly skilled fields.  Therefore,  their knowledge about special people. While it may not be at the most complex level. What they do know about us IS usually exactly on point and accurate.  Because of what they do. And who they learn from. Not to mention their high level of passion to help others.

To understand what’s normal, a little abnormal, and different then you in certain ways. Can help some pin point where there personal differences lie. When this is done properly you can learn allot  about yourself and others like you. Which will only support you shining even more.

And the biggest reason, is because I can. These Summit’s are temporarily free. Were very lucky these professionals offer them to us free of charge. Allot of this information is usually otherwise very expensive. The more specialized the content in them, it is the more helpful for some of you. I understand that. But, at the same time. That would mean a much larger gift.  This needs to be fair to everyone and serve a large enough listening base. To break even at least in the costs of the presentations.