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“What The Health” guidance

Friday, July 14th, 2017

“What the Health” is a powerful documentary that has produced tons of talk/discussion. And I personally needed more after viewing it yesterday.  If you need a little more direction after seeing it.  Click the title above and watch one of the best reviews I found on utube. This one is short and is relevant to other similar documentaries.  I watched ALLOT of reviews on this film. So know this comes from the best place. And notice (If you have time) what reviews I’m NOT encouraging you to watch.  Notice WHY just as importantly. And BEFORE any drastic lifestyle changes.

Sorry for the commercial in this. The podcast will come back after it.

Eating Disorder Awareness

Friday, February 26th, 2016

Today, and over the past couple days I was told of the following details, from a blog reader (named Afsaneh).Who was interviewed for NJTV. Interviewed buy Mary Alice Williams on her Eating Disorder past. This show will bring  Eating Disorder Awareness more alive and will air at . She is one of the people interviewed in the news video.  The only person interviewed who previously had 1-3 traditional forms of an Eating Disorder. And who prior to entering an Eating Disorder Unit  (otherwise known as the EDU)was actually placed in a different part of the same hospital. It will be aired first at 530 pm EST on PBS today.  Friday February 26th.  Then on at the same day at 6, 7:30, and 11 pm on the NJTV news station.  It will also be on NJTV at 6:30 am on Sat February 27th.

However, you can also view it live (And likely after the 5:30 pm airing) on the NJTV News Channel/feed on utube.   I might add it to this post later.

If you have a Traditional Eating Disorder, I certainly recommend you get help for it. That certainly does NOT mean I recommend the hospital’s EDU that she attended.  Or in all cases even an inpatient program anywhere.  However, if you don’t have much or any other diseases, or disabilities. I do recommend some programs that specifically address Eating Disorders.  NOT mental health units in hospital like settings. Nor do I feel programs like that EDU, address people with ALL kinds of traditional eating disorders well .  Regardless of if we are talking about an inpatient or outpatient program.

Buy searching on utube Mary Alice news. You can listen to the live interview. Or see the recorded version of it.   I have researched and spoken to in the past, places that serve eating disorder patients.

And knowing about the realism of these conditions can be very important, especially for those who have it.  Which can start on average as early as ones teen years.



Connections with Summits

Friday, February 5th, 2016

Some of the Summits I highlight might not be relevant to your needs. So why, if I know this. Do I still share them with you? Here are some of those reasons.

My reader base has some variety.  There are guardians to those with disabilities, relatives and friends of those with disabilities, people with disabilities, children,  professionals who work with the disabled, the elderly (A different group type of challenges), and curious lay man who may or may not have a connection to those with anything.

What makes someone different or disabled can change depending on who you ask.   What makes for example an elderly person not disabled? Or someone simply with diabetes?

Each Summit has numerous speakers. If you gain learning that is relevant from just 1/2 speakers that is worth it to me.

The Summit’s often have speakers who are generalized experts in people problems.   Plus then experts in various highly skilled fields.  Therefore,  their knowledge about special people. While it may not be at the most complex level. What they do know about us IS usually exactly on point and accurate.  Because of what they do. And who they learn from. Not to mention their high level of passion to help others.

To understand what’s normal, a little abnormal, and different then you in certain ways. Can help some pin point where there personal differences lie. When this is done properly you can learn allot  about yourself and others like you. Which will only support you shining even more.

And the biggest reason, is because I can. These Summit’s are temporarily free. Were very lucky these professionals offer them to us free of charge. Allot of this information is usually otherwise very expensive. The more specialized the content in them, it is the more helpful for some of you. I understand that. But, at the same time. That would mean a much larger gift.  This needs to be fair to everyone and serve a large enough listening base. To break even at least in the costs of the presentations.




are you a Young adult with Cancer?

Sunday, December 6th, 2015

Are you 15-39 yrs old and have Cancer? If yes, you likely realize that children’s cancer services and adult services don’t always serve you well. Right?  And if your single or just trying to become independent regardless of single status. You may need a little extra guidance and support. No?

Well, your in luck! I certainly don’t have cancer.   And I’m sorry you do. But, I found an organization that could serve you, and specializes in supporting and inspiring life for those with cancer in this age group. This organization is also for cancer survivors who had it it as a young adult. Or there immediate caregivers if they have one.   This organization is the biggest of it’s kind. And at first their vast variety of services could even overwhelm you.  If you allow them too.  So, don’t let them!

Here are some differences among those with cancer as a young adult?  Compared to a child or older adult with it.

Unlike the older adults you don’t always need to be writing your wills.

You shouldn’t be getting care just to tide you over till you die naturally.Traditional medicine does this if your older with a fetal diagnosis.

You don’t get some of the adult cancer’s. And your cancer may appear like a child’s regardless of if their’s an older person’s version of the same cancer type.  Then you need closer to a child’s treatment protocal. However, it could be strengthened or more excellerated.  Due to being an adult. And able to handle more.

Your care needs to keep in mind whenever possible maintaining a life outside of your treatment. Yes, older adults may need this too. But, there thought of as less vibrant and lively as a whole.

This organization has face-book groups, road trips, day conferences,  connects to cancer retreats, live help, a blog with different young adult writers- who have or had cancer, a magazine, radio station, a tv show, Instapeer and more!

From what I can tell the only thing they MAY not have yet is holistic/non-traditional cancer treatment protocal connections.

And they don’t sell wigs.

The organization. Is “Stupid Cancer!” This link,  Highlights how your SO NOT ALONE!