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Super Power LIVE Conference Streaming

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

Jim Kwik, is a memory coach and the host of this weekends, LIVE Superhero You Brainpower Conference in Los Angeles, CA.

Doctor Amen whom I’ve posted previously about who is an ADHD expert, ( And who works in other brain science areas) is only 1 of over 30 speaker’s you can hear LIVE for free ONLINE. There will even be a speaker who has synesthesia. A rare sensory processing disorder!

Those who aren’t online spent/ will be spending thousands including travel and lodging expenses to go in person to this.

I’d check this out today. And sign up if your at all curious about it. Listening to speakers certainly won’t cure you. But, if you take action on what you learn from them. It might make your life easier, sooner. And most of the speakers are likely going to be new to many of you. Folks with LD and ADHD may benefit more from some of the talks then someone with just autism would. And Mindfulness is not MY FAVORITE stress relief practice.

Sign up and get more info about it


And if you know others who might benefit from it and are available this weekend. Please send them to this post/ link.

Who’s joining me?

Feel free to share what you think of it after in the comment section below. State which speakers you heard and really liked also.

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Footers are key

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

Footers are one way to have a killer website. If you ask me. Footers are key to some websites. While on other sites headers or side bars are best. As an example check out the websites footer info below. If a website has footers, headers, and side bars. Then you know it’s likely a great website design. With ample important detail.  (I’m not saying necessarily that websites detail is important to you.It isn’t particularly important to me personally.) However, I am saying it IS important to a large community of people.  And you know that from the well designed website. See how much more you learn just looking at the footer? Even if you don’t click on any of the footers? Make sure if you ever have a website. You have proper footers, side bars, or headers. That direct your readers. To the key details of your site.


And to properly get the most out of any website. Or anything else you read. Learn how to gain allot of information  quickly.


Understand this posts lessons?