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When is it my turn to vote?

Monday, June 6th, 2016

THIS TUESDAY IS VOTING DAY for 9 states.  Choose wisely PLEASE.    YOUR VOTE REALLY Counts.  Please check out this URL. And don’t forget to vote tomorrow if it’s your turn too.

January through September of this year is the year in america that americans join together possibly (If not likely)  in their largest like minded communities ever. Isn’t that great? It’s the start of  not only a year  to vote for your leading officer that will later possibly become the next president of the US.   But, also a year. To vote for the government team who will back the winning candidate in Washington. To support their preferred presidential candidate for office next January.  After all, communities are the most progressive. Not individuals.

Politics can certainly be complicated and overwhelming. Can’t it?  However, practicing your american, (Human rights to if you ask me) to vote. Certainly don’t have to be.

I may edit this post in the future.

If you are curious,  who do I support?  I’m a Hillary Clinton supporter. But, if you haven’t decided yet on who YOU  will vote for in the democratic party. I encourage you. – To follow me on facebook closely. It can also help you decide.

I’m working at my local polls on election day in NJ.  This will be my first year working as a poll worker for an election.

Should I share on a different blog later my experience as a board worker?  Let me know in the comments below.

the Normal is Nothing, Campaign

Thursday, May 7th, 2015

 What does Temple Grandin,  Robin Williams,  Michael Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg,  Me, and some of you have/ had in common? We’re all different. And atleast to some extent. Comfortable being so. Yes ?  We’re also ALL awesome. ! Or atleast some think so. And as a whole we are as well. 

So, this campaign I seriously back.! You should too. I learned about it yesterday at the YAI conference. Told you YAI can be GREAT!   Unfortunately, it ends mid May .     


great fundraiser!