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Healing Our Children World Summit, Round 3

Monday, December 29th, 2014

  Healing Our Children, World Summit, Hosted buy Julie Matthew’s, A leading special needs nutritionist for children with complex eating challenges/disability.  Who works under a Holistic Medicine mind set, and runs, “A Full Potential Parenting” monthly, online support group too!   This summit is ideal for parents with ASD, skitzophrenia, and maybe ADHD Children. Or ASD adults who are HF, and have the right mindset, going into it.

   Last year when they had it in February, none of my my blogs were live yet.  But, I still listened in for free. It’s important to recognize and remember, that “Healing” here isn’t true healing. It’s at best case scenario, significantly improved.  Just because someone MAY loose a diagnosis from the “treatment”, that doesn’t eliminate there autism for example.  Healing is placed here partly to keep parents hopeful and positive. Not to fix anyone. It’s meant to help the individual.  With that said. Just because I’m encouraging some of you to check it out. Doesn’t mean I’m suggesting any of the “cures” the Summit will/ may suggest for you or a loved one.  Nor does it mean I’m against, or haven’t tried any of the cures either. (Although, that could be the case)

    Although previous, Summit packages are always still available after the Summit’s online. Since this next one is coming up so shortly (a Little before Autism month which is in April) I’ll just wait to add her upcoming link of the new one, as soon as I get it.  I’m part of her Parenting group, so I’m sure I’ll get it within this coming up month tops.  See what I  do for you all? And I’m not even a parent!