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Children and Teen Health Summit

Monday, January 26th, 2015

This is replaying FREE, February 23-March 2, 2015.  So, I slightly edited the below for you. If you sign up for it, I’d likely skip free gifts two and 4, and if your short on time maybe just check out gift 3. 

The Children’s Health Summit is November 3rd-10th. This seams like a conference teaching the basics for parents who are NT’s or who have special needs themselves. But, they may have special needs kids. And they need direction, to see- when and how there special children fit in the big picture better. I would say, most of the speakers won’t be speaking about super relevant topics for you. But some, defiantly could be. And I know there will be some EXCELLENT speakers. Like Tom O Bryan, Joel, and Tom Materre (Who’s genuis and a father of atleast one young ASD child). There are other good speakers, I’ve heard in the lineup- but, I may not find there topics super relevant to you or this blog. There are other speaker’s that might be relevant. I’ve never heard of before. It starts tomorrow and I’m not an affiliate of this nore will I attend most of it (If any). But, if you want the very basics in this format, a couple or few of the speakers might be of an interest to you at the free level. Check it all out and sign up here if interested .

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Autism Empowerment Summit

Monday, January 26th, 2015

The Autism Empowerment Telesummit is ideal for parents of young children on the spectrum. This year, it’s early and is Jan 26th.-30th. It’s not during the swamped autism awareness month, that’s nice.  And it’s true starting SPD (Sensory therapy) as young as possible is essential for lifetime sensory issues to be eliminated, reduced, or best coped with. But, unlike last years. I can’t say I’m looking forward to it. I signed up for it, cause I felt I had to.(In case it surprises me, and I have time for it) And am posting about it for the same reason. And I probably know a lot of what I trust, coming from it already, too. Anyway, sign up for it here

Healing Your Gut

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

  After last years “Detox Summit”, that Deanna did. (See my blog about that Summit).  Which if you missed it, she was a great conference host at. Now she’s going to be hosting a “Heal Your Gut Summit” on February 9-16th with 32 speakers. This link will provide you with a lot of detail on the speakers,  their topics, and who will mostly benefit from it. However, over 70 million people have digestion related issues. So, theirs a great chance you or someone you know could benifit from it, if, it’s not to elementary or advanced for you. The link will let you sign up for it free, off course, too! 

 If you missed other free conferences, I have shared links too, (that covered IBS (Irratible Bowel Syndrome), auto immune diseases, the Digestion Sessions was one of my favs, the gut, intestinal impermeability, food allergies, and the like (found on my blog.) And can’t/ won’t purchase them (I can’t blame you, especially at their full price!). I especially recommend you check out this Summit.

    My own health needs may conflict with atleast part of this one.  But, I’ve signed up for it, in case I can listen in for free. It will likely have slides also. You should check it out here.



Healing Your Pain Naturally

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

   The Pain Relief Project was on Jan 19 -26 . It seams to have had the potential to be helpful to many, so, in case your dying to learn the functional medicine experts who know how to possibly guide you to having less of it. Or for the few of you who may want to purchase it. If you have Fibromyalgia and no other disabilities, it could be especially helpful. 

   To be completely clear to everyone, the advice, insights, and solutions all of the speakers provide in this conference, do NOT apply to everyone and all kinds of pain. Especially among the disabled.  And I’m NOT just talking about the speakers who speak of certain conditions either.  For example, someone with CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) should ignore Dr. Kelly Starrett’s, “Ready To Run” talk.  His advice, will likely, quickly, kill you. 

    Another example, those of us with low muscle tone (Hypotonia), who are clumsy, or those who have temperature regulation issues, among others, should avoid Perry’s, minimal footwear advice. 

     For my last example, I’d be shocked, if Christopher Kent covers how many people with certain conditions (Like ASD, MCS, SPD,) bodies react to stress, accurately.

  Please remember, traditional medical care, sometimes, is the only path to cure some pain. This conference may not say that. But, I know it. And have no question about it, this is FACT. And prescribed medicine, isn’t the only method, traditional medical care uses to eliminate pain. 

If you want to purchase it. (Sign up, then you’ll get access to the sales page. Or atleast to their support that can then direct you to a sales page.)  You can check out more details about it, here

   I was hospitalized, and in very bad shape when this entire conference was free. I’m still recovering, and expect it to be awhile, before I’m close to 100%.  So, I can’t completly recommend it. Nore heard any of it. However, Tom O’ Bryan (An excellent speaker within his niche, recommended it to me).  And it has atleast  a couple speakers that I like.  But, if you want to buy it. Or learn of it’s topics/ speakers, click the link.  I checked it out, but, won’t buy. But, that’s me.