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ReelAbilities NYC Festival Events

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

ReelAbilities are numerous annual Disability Film Festivals shared throughout the U.S., that incorporate both movies and events around disabilities. The oldest (and likely the largest) is in NYC, and coming up in March. Feel free to check out my posts about it, on my disabilityadvocate1. com blog. There are currently a few posts on it. The events this year I’d like to highlight are the events called,  Music for Autism, Visible Lives, and the DCTV’s Film Makers Workshop, and organization.  All the events highlight how where you live can make a HUGE difference in the quality of life someone who’s disabled has. And at times, highlights’ NYC as a super star, for a premier place for those who are disabled, to live. 

Visible Lives is an event that shares publicly the lives of numerous NYC disabled adults, via interviews that are taken in NYC. And then shared, in the NYC library, via ReelAbilities platforms,  and websites. To educate the public, and promote awareness.  Learn more at, oral

Music For Autism– I’ll let their website do the the talking for themselves, this time.

DCTV’s Film Makers organization and workshop. Which is strictly for films highlighting those with disabilities. / created buy people with it.

Anyhow, check out all of NYC ReelAbilities events at,

If there is no ReelAbility’s in your city. Or there are no cool events at it, perhaps you could be part of changing that. Yes? Or atleast encouraging others too, and using this as an example of offerings. Customized to the specific city it is in. 





Association for Autistic Community

Friday, February 13th, 2015

The Association for Autistic Community now holds in the middle of every summer, a a very unique, conference specifically for ASD adults. And created strictly buy them. This is the only conference in the states of it’s kind and it’s held somewhere in the northeast part of the country. The location changes every couple years, and prior to last year. The conference was called Autreat.  ( In case you want to google Autreats prior event details online, to learn more about this nearly week long event).  To my knowledge there is only one other event in the world that is suppose to be comparable to it and it is in England annually, also in the summer, and called Autscape. I went to to Autreat 2013 only. Thus far. And it’s a few, to hundreds of dollars per attendee, to attend. Minus travel, or extra spending money which is obviously more.  For planning purposes only I’m posting this now. I know that saving up and getting financial aid to attend, can take awhile. Registration for this years event isn’t even up yet. However, a lot of the details are similiar,  if not the same each each year, for planning purposes.  Minus it’s location.

I believe this year the location won’t be the same location as last summer’s. I went the year prior.   And I defiantly look forward to attending future ones. If you accept your diagnosis, don’t do anything illegal or in axcess, (This includes major cigarette smoking, or drinking regularly), your an adult on the spectrum (an official diagnosis is NOT required.), especially if you interact with few other HF autistics in person. I very highly recommend you attend it, atleast once.  The biggest benefit many feel is the community and interactions, not the conference topics. All though, they can be helpful and insightful as well.


If you need babysitting for a special needs or typically brained child or children. There is a greatly reduced fee so you can bring them. The fee includes babysitting.


Anyway, learn more

Autism Opportunities Conference

Friday, February 13th, 2015

The Autism Intervention Clinic, is hosting The Autism Opportunities Conference 2015 in Guelph, ON Canada. It’s on Sat Feb 21 rst, 2015, from 9 am-430 pm a very typical conference start and end time.   This conference mainly is for supporters of those with it. However Jackie Mc Millan, ( an adult Aspie) is doing a keynote at it, and an Aspie only brainstorm session, asking the aspie’s for their adult support needs.  The cost is 45$ per person or 70$ per couple. And doesn’t seam to include lunch.

They have put in place a scent free rule for those with SPD ( sensory issues)/ or perhaps MCS.

Then select events on the top right hand side of the above page.

Primal 90 Sessions

Friday, February 6th, 2015

Unavailable for a couple hrs, or video, a day, for ANY free conference online? But, other wise, you’d certainly commit to at least a couple speakers at one? Then, you may want to sign up for the Primal 90 sessions. February 2nd it started and each day it only highlights 1 topic and speaker.  I’m at best, only listing to a few speakers. However, your needs maybe different then mine. Alaina and Lloy’ds talk more specifically, are the most possibly useful for me to here. Out of the bonuses the third and 6 th seam the best to me.   Can you see why I chose the ones I did ? 

Primal Sessions, click here