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My YAI Conference selections

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

   Would you like to see my schedule next week at the YAI NYC conference? If so, you can below. But, how did I decide what I chose? Here was my criteria, considerations, and how I chose what I did.  Likely in this order. There were a couple I couldn’t fit into my schedule. 


How my auditory processing would be effected altering my energy.

What books/ online groups, movies,  or what programs like ReelAbilities events haven’t covered/well.

What would help my audience. 

Where I might have the best networking opportunities. 

Where I’d benefit/ possibly learn the most.  

What interested me.  




    Any comments or thoughts from any of you ? If so, please share them below. However. I will delete/ spam any comments that are irrelevant to the post. So don’t even consider those types of comments. No matter the intention behind them.


YAI International Conference in Manhattan, NYC

Saturday, April 25th, 2015

This year in Midtown, Manhattan which is in NYC. YAI will have their annual conference on May 4-7th. Their theme is living, Loving, Working,and Learning- and it’s for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities ( Like ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia, and Dysgraphia only to name a few). Who’s going? Adults with it, and those who care for them, and or those who work with them. And guess who’s going all 4 days? If you guessed me. Your Right!

I’m defiantly attending all afternoon on Tuesday the gathering for adult self advocates! Check out the brochure pdf at the link below! And expect me to post more about this conference in the future! There will be over 200 presenters so go to the URL and click the brochure PDF for the details. This is one conference that’s going to be AWESOME!

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Healthy Traveling

Saturday, April 25th, 2015

Although the new Healthy Travelers Summit from May 1-10th isn’t special needs focused. Some of the talks hopefully will help us. And if the how to travel FOR FREE interview isn’t to rack up credit card hotel points ( etc) / and frequent flier miles then you ALL should sign up for at least that talk. Agreed? See below for the basics on this talk. Or better yet. Try the URL for the most info. And to sign up to access the entire Summit when it aires.

This summit likely proves everyone’s body doesn’t naturally adjust to change quickly or easily. Therefore, everyone needs tricks, strategies, and help with solutions sometimes. Just some of us take more tricks, planning, and effort- then others. Aren’t you curious to see if any of the speakers solutions might work for you, someone you know, or a loved one?

Just because I listen to a talk doesn’t mean I’m a novice in my knowledge in any particular area. The talks I list below could be because of the topics, speakers, or both. I haven’t heard all of the speakers or possibly have but haven’t been exposed to their knowledge of certain topics. Obviously, some talks are for a much wider disabled community then others. Some talks of special interest to the disabled world likely are-

Daily topics – Food, Movement, & Hydration May 1 on a Friday. The Kick off day of the conference .

1 . Doctor Donna Gates (She has a doctor it but, isn’t a doctor), Will talk about how to, Limit the Harm Air Travel Does to your body.

Who is she? She made a special diet for autistics and ran the the Detox Summit last year. I don’t follow her diet. I own one of her books. However, she was a GREAT host last year for her Summit. Doctor Donna Gates (She has a doctor it but isn’t a doctor), talks on Friday May first is – Limit the Harm Air Travel Does to your body.

Who is she? She made a special diet for autistics and ran the the Detox Summit last year. I don’t follow her diet. I own one of her books. However, she was a GREAT host last year for her Summit.

Day 6 on May 6th (A Wednesday) . The days topics are Tools, Technology, and Bio-hacking.

Dave Asprey’s
How to Feel Great when your Traveling 100 + days a yr!

I’m sure most of you won’t travel this much. However, that shouldn’t matter since I’m certain at least some of his talk will still apply to when you do. And if my higher fluid intelligence (Kinda like a sixth sense) doesn’t fail me. Then I’m pretty certain, he’s mastered this. Did u know he has ADHD and takes nuvigal to stay awake?

On the same day there’s Virginia’s talk for those who are WIFI and electricity sensitive. I am SO GlAD this isn’t me. She will talk about how to avoid electrical magnetic, and WIFI exposure for those who need too. I don’t think I’ve heard Virginia speak before. I hope she has some STELLAR advice.

Virginia Brown
Healthy Traveler’s Guide to EMF Protection

Bonus day, Special topics, Q and A on Mother’s Day in the U.S. Which is on a Friday and May 8th .

Tom is one of, my fav. speakers on these free summits, and has atleast one autistic child. This talk looks like it likely will cover and recap many (or atleast a couple) topics of the Summit’s talks too. Which he has done before wonderfully on previous talks I’ve heard him do on other summits.

If you only listen too 2 interviews in this summit. Chose these-

Tom Malterre
Food and Environmental Sensitivities While Traveling

Seams to be the one to pick along with this next one from

Frederic Patenaude, called –
How to Travel the World for Free 🙂 !!

I’m not familiar with Frederic, so, I’m looking forward to seeing if he’s someone I should follow or not. (I know of certain other free ways to travel) but, doubt they’ll be mentioning them.

Buy signing up FOR FREE. One thing you’ll get is free access to a Facebook community only for the speakers and attendees of the conference. Where you can always ask them any questions you may have about traveling healthy. I’m not an affiliate for this but, if you buy the entire Summit you need to do it before May first for the best price.

As for sensory solutions types of advice for traveling (And during other times), you’ll have to wait for my books.

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Fourth Annual Food Revelation Summit

Saturday, April 25th, 2015

This empowerment/advocacy Summit starts in about 15 minutes with 30-45 minute interviews you can access online or via a phone. It does the best at telling you what angles of food it will be covering. But directly it’s not special needs. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I should share this. Because, the important highlights I’ll take away from it for you ( If Any) I’ll already share with you eventually. If I haven’t yet. However, possibly not for free. But, likely more succinctly. And the rest. Well, after taking a peak at it, should be self explanatory.

Last year while starting my first blog I listened to a couple of the talks only and remember appreciating at least 1 a lot though. So, to prevent regretting not sharing it. Here’s the sign up link. I’m not an affiliate. And. Be selective on what you listen to please. And don’t forget to take notes if your not buying it. If your an NT who doesn’t eat really well or wants to hear how to get the government in the U.S. to make our food quality better and more plentiful. Or why you should advocate to increase labeling laws. This summit is likely ideal for you.

Hypersomnia Conference

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

About 2-4% of the world has a very unfortunate diagnosis of Hypersomnia. That is excessive day time sleepiness no matter how well or how long you slept at night. Despite the conditions rareness, there is some medicine to help those with it. The condition is super debilitating and provides multiple daytime sleep attacks every day. Among other symptoms. Like irratibility, lower internal temperature, sensory sensitivity to stuff, ect.
Anyway, through a Facebook group I joined today. I found a new, annual, conference held for those with this condition and other similar sleep conditions. Check it out here! It looks great if your have it, and can afford it! Or if you get a full scholarship too it! Doesn’t it’s utube videos make you feel how inviting and welcoming they are!? I mean, an adult slumber party!? Fun, yes?
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Anxiety Summit Take 3

Sunday, April 19th, 2015

This is from Trudy Scott. If you have the time, interest, / need. I recommend if your not yet on her list already from The Summit Anxiety 1/2 conference that she did. Starting tomorrow. Or this coming week. That you look at the site mentioned below. To check it out. I have found. Thus far, honestly. That the Summits with Female hosts. Are sometimes the least repetitious, and more often then not. The most interesting. Not to mention, Trudy’s VERY nice.

All though all the above is true. You may not need knowledge on the exact speakers topics that will be presented. (I’ve seen her outline of speakers and topics.) and who’s on what days. Or you do, but, your causes differ meaning sometimes you may need different solutions. For example. I get anxiety sometimes. But, don’t have Pyroluria. Meaning the supplements that Trudy has/ recommends for Anxiety, won’t help me. Therefore, the same solution (to the same symptoms) isn’t always wise to do, for different root causes.

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Required blurb from Trudy Scott

Sunday, April 19th, 2015

In order for me to use her words for telling or sharing with you certain info on upcoming or current conferences. I’m required with all of them to include the following. This doesn’t mean I won’t ever include my own words sometimes too. I will when I have the time/ know what and how to say stuff. It does mean. I’ll share things I likely otherwise may not (Or not as well) because of her generosity/ trade.
The reason I said trade is because buy giving you her link sometimes ( if not always) witch I guarantee you is an affiliate link. She get’s the sign up. And if you buy anything. She gets the commission. In the past. Sometimes I’ve been an affiliate. However, I found very few of you ever signed up under me. And no one bought anything with my links. Making my efforts on this site seam less appreciated/ needed. I’m hoping some of this might change over the course of this year, with this new blog dedicated too specifically conferences and events. Most of which are free temporarily. To some degree. This blurb gets it’s post ONLY once. Anyway, here’s her blurb.

One last thing.


Trudy Scott (CN), Certified Nutritionist is the founder of, a thriving nutrition practice with a focus on food, mood and women’s health. Trudy educates women about the amazing healing powers of food and nutrients and helps them find natural solutions for anxiety and other mood problems. Trudy’s goal for all her clients (and all women): “You can be your healthiest, look your best and feel on-top-of-the-world emotionally!”

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ReelAbilities is GROWING ALOT

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

Need vacation plans in one of the most tourist desired locations in the WORLD? Some of the activities, movies, and events will be FREE! RealAbilities is going to have MORE events, movies, and talks taking place over a far greater period of time.  This is the first time EVER this is happening. So, to maintain it and bring worldwide awareness, and acceptance -attendance numbers are VITAL.  Won’t you join me? 

If it’s successful enough I’m sure it will eventually repeat in other locations in the U.S. As well.!  It will be happening throughout June and July in NYC! Not only that but, NYC has numerous free and cheap events throughout the city in the summer time especially. The Disability Pride parade is returning as well. 

  Here are only some of the other donation only, and free events, in NYC during those months. 


The famous Brooklyn Botanical Garden’s Sunday’s only 

Most museums their are many.  

Central Park

The Bronx Zoo Wednesday’s only 

Street fairs that span numerous blocks some times. 

Plays in the Park


I will update this post in the future with atleast 1 link/URL. But, if your coming. Start creating your plans/ doing your research today.


  What will you attend? 



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Annual Functional Medicine Summit. Updated

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

April 14-21 going on NOW is the Functional Health Summit. This year their focus is on general health, weight loss (OFF course!) and autoimmunity issues. On the sign up page you’ll see the speakers and their topics which they’ll be speaking on. You must sign up for Free to see the schedule of who’s speaking when. 14 of the 36 speakers have hosted/ co-hosted this or other online free conferences. And 16 of the speakers are doctors. Have you ever seen so many doctors sharing info for FREE in ONE event?

They recently updated and changed their speakers and topics some on the sales page for the event. Also, speakers switch too a new set at 12 pm EST each day. But, they have kept day 1 (yesterday’s up) one extra day.

The talks I’m defiantly going to try to listen to are Dr. Peter Osborne’s, JiSayer’s, Shaun Hadsall’s, Anthony Alayon’s, and Doctor Tom O Bryan’s. (which is tomorrow). This years topics mostly don’t interest me. I will say Anthony may likely try to sell. His 17$ digital program on over 101 Toxic foods for part of his talk :/.

Last years Functional Medicine Conference (which I posted about on my blog along with posts speaking about all online conference detail guidance.). Was one of my fav. free conferences online. And that’s saying a lot since I’ve participated in at least a dozen. Those with difficulty seeing the big picture ( rather then fine detail all the time) might really benefit from watching some of these speakers and their presentations.

Will you join me in seeing if this years conference is great too? If so, below. Please share in the comments section which speakers you listened too and learned the most from.

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AUTCOM weekend Conference

Saturday, April 11th, 2015

Are you an adult or older teen on the ASD spectrum?  If not do you have SPD, or perhaps ADHD, Non verbal LD, PDD, or something kinda related?  Or are you a professional wanting in on a mostly ASD event?   Then check this out!  Every Fall, people on the Autism spectrum from the AUTCOM Autism National Committee run a weekend Convention for others on the spectrum. Some off the spectrum come. But, it seams that a huge number if not the majority of attendees are on the spectrum. Which makes sense since we run it. Actually, it’s a Friday and Saturday event. I have never been part of it, nore know (to my knowledge) anyone who’s run it or gone. It always occurred in October and the location changes every yr. it’s been all over the US. 

   For 2015 it will be Sept 25-26th, in Manchester, NH with it’s theme as “Human Rights For All”. The hotel rates for a conference hotel aren’t terrible at all for a cheaper room, option. The hotel has many levels of rooms and depending range from around 120- a couple hundred per night. However, the conference rate for you would be lower on all the rooms. The convention rates have not yet been posted. However, since it’s ran buy people with ASD. I’d be shocked if they were more then a couple hundred dollars at most. Per person. 

   In 2-3 months I’ll re-post about this likely. When they open registration. I wanted to give you a heads up for planning. And give me a reminder to tell you all about it again in June/ July on here as registration begins. If your interested.

    I’m excited I found anouther ASD, national, sleepover event, for us adults, all on the spectrum! It’s a great place probably to meet culturally different other Aspies. Don’t you agree? 

Go to Autism National Commitee