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Future of Online Healing Conference

Sunday, June 21st, 2015

The world renowned Institute for the Psychology of Eating is hosting an online conference called “The Future of Healing” which starts tomorrow. There are 4 to 10 interviews a day each lasting 30 minutes long. Most days run 8-10 speakers. Marc David and Emily Rosen will be your hosts. It will run June 22-July 3rd. It starts at 11 am EST 8 am CST. All interviews will be available for only 24 hrs.

Each day there’s a different theme

Day 1 Eating Psychology

Day 2 and 3 is Nutrition at the Edge

Day 4 is New Sexuality

Day 5 Culture and Transformation

Day 6 and 7 which is the weekend will have bonus content.

Day 8 Planetary Healing

Day 9 Supplements Herbs and Medicinals

Day 10 Spiritual Awakening

Day 11 Great Minds, Possible Futures

Day 12 Encore Day every registered participant towards the end of the conference will have an opportunity too vote on their fav. speakers. The top voted for talks will be free to hear again on this day.

Any of you interested in more info? If yes, go here and sign up.

You’ll get a full outline of the conference mentioning the speakers and there topics. Going there you can see the speakers before signing up if you wish but, it won’t tell you when or what exactly the name of their talk is. Then if your still interested plan your schedules accordingly. And each day they’ll send you at least 1 e-mail.

I’m not an affiliate for this. But, signed up for it. And am very familiar with the Institute’s work.

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Untimed cheaper conference alternatives

Saturday, June 20th, 2015

Did you miss a conference during it’s free online viewing time slot? Can you not afford or see why to pay for it especially near or at full price? Me neither!

Would you still love to learn the content from them?

Here’s some free ways and then some cheaper but paid methods too.


Read any one of my other three blogs. And if you don’t find what you want and it’s relevant enough to my blogs. Let me know by e-mailing me. My e- mail is on a page above. I might be planning posts already on that topic. Or maybe I could make new posts about it.

Watch great relevant videos on Utube

Buy a free or free to borrow book off amazon, your library, or an equivalent loan digital program setup to your library. Like Hoopla.m

Wait for the books sale or giveaway

Buy any of the speakers paid books. Used and kindle format are sometimes the cheapest.

If it’s content on NT psychology, intestinal permeability, nutrition, or auto-immune disease wait for upcoming free online conferences. Many cover those topics. And the root specialities many of the speakers have are on or within those specific areas.

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Why attend an online conference?

Saturday, June 20th, 2015

Some of the great benefits of attending many of these conferences that are free for a limited time are the following.

Cutting edge info.

Cuts out a lot of fluff. Summarizes the important stuff. Free cliff notes anyone?

Makes the food and manufacturing companies more likely to be transparent.

Connects you to researchers who can explain stuff or at-least a great host who will. If you attend the better conferences.

Leads you to top quality books (Often) on health based topics. Or occasionally on the topics of business, self motivation, public speaking, or environmental topics. Tip- sometimes buying the books is better then buying the conference. However, still sign up for the conference if you want the cutting edge info.

Gives you access to unique reports or other bonuses not always available elsewhere.

Sometimes gives you personalized professional advise to your medical or fitness questions for free or very cheap.

Which can make movements in society!

Makes the largest population (Even the homeless) able to access it if they get computer internet access. A great reason to keep a wifi accessible data free device when homeless. Library trips anyone?

Did you know all Trader Joe’s products are now GMO Free? Did you also know out of every NYC grocery that it’s the most popular? Or that in NYC if you go there around 3 pm or latter any day of the week to any Manhattan Trader Joe’s or on the weekend the checkout lines are an hour to several hour waits regularly. They are! Know why? If not, check them out! But, don’t only shop there there selection in many areas is limited. I’m not saying it’s cause of these conferences. But, I’m sure the transparency from them, along with the international reach help ALOT making customers a lot smarter.

Did I just make your life cheaper or easier? Let me know in the comments below!

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The Depression Sessions and Eat REAL Food Con.

Friday, June 19th, 2015

Possibly interested in buying the Depression Sessions but, it doesn’t offer you enough to warrant either packages price tag ? Which are currently 77$ for the digital online version, or 97$ for the online and flash drive version? Especially if money is tight like it is with SO MANY of US? Like it is for myself.

I have been listening to this conference all week including attending some of the bonus calls some of which are live Q an A’s/webinars. The live Q and A’s I attended LIVE are the one talking about depression for women and their menstrual cycle. And the one with the Ex-Drug Pharmaceutical Drug Rep. Who’s now a functional medicine nutritionist. Thus far I’ve asked at-least 1 ? in all the the live webinars (There will be 9 in total, I hope to submit questions to at-least two more of the webinars also.) available with either Depression Sessions package purchased (Both of which are currently on sale) .

Have you seen it’s bonuses for the paid attendees? Many of the bonuses are book SAMPLES. Some of the books in digital or non digital form (Depending on which one) are fairly to ridiculously cheap. If not free if you use amazons monthly readers program (I’m not a member of that, but, if you read tons of books a month you might love it) The one I look forward to checking out the most is the “Tapering Meds: Nutritional Supplemental Support Report,” which is ONLY offered via purchasing this conference sessions from what I can tell. It’s about taking prescriptions in the safest manner or how to get off them and what non-prescription drug alternatives you should use instead. Drugs typically prescribed for anxiety, stress, and or Depression. I checked amazon for it. Already to see if I could find that report or a great book on that topic written up to date buy an author with no lawsuits ever filed against them who knows what there talking about. I couldn’t find others that aren’t sampled in either Conference package .

I’m not surprised that particular bonus plus the one from Sayer Ji are 2 of the one of a kind bonuses for this conference. The one Report mentioned in the last paragraph above and Doctor Hyla’s book seam or say they teach the non professional how to get off drugs without professional, medical guidance from your own Doctor(s). I understand they are likely existent to assist you and your doctor(s). Not replace doctors guidance. Always ask/ tell your doctor before coming off any prescription or changing it’s dose. It’s imperative you accept this.

Anyway, if you buy this conference get it today – Sunday because if you do- you’ll get the Entire Eat Real Food Con. also for free, and all of it’s bonuses too.

I’m not an affiliate for this.

Sean is an AWESOME! Interviewer. And now watching many sessions I can say if you can afford this. This is a great deal. Go to to read about The Eat Real Food Conference. Some of what makes his Conferences now Awesome. Do not order at that URL. If you signed up for the conference already see the link in Sean’s e-mail. If you haven’t yet signed up yet. Please do that first. And then wait for Sean’s e- mail with the link. If there’s problems contact his customer service.

2 days free viewing
His interview guidance and explanations.
He flies to the doctors/ speakers he visits.
The level of expertise his interviewees have
Free Q and A’s with speakers
The awesome video intro’s and video quality. No google hangouts for example.
Cooking demo’s only for relevant conferences like the Eat Real Food Con.

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More Mold info from Bulletproof Directly

Saturday, June 13th, 2015

This Monday evening on June 15 th Dave Aspry is hosting a FREE, 1 time, not recorded LIVE webinar. Check the photos for details and the URL’s in that e-mail are also below. The first is to sign up to watch the Moldy documentary if you haven’t yet. That one is in my prior post on here. The second is to sign up for the webinar the third is to share feedback/ testimonials OR to get on his free mailing list so, you can get e-mails like the one shown in the photos below. To get on his list however, scroll down past the long feedback form once at the website and you’ll see the opt in or sign up form. (an opt in is a sign up form)

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Underground Wellness presents The Depression Sessions

Saturday, June 13th, 2015

Remember Sean From the Digestive Sessions around Thanksgiving of last year? Starting tomorrow he is leading a new set of interviews on the types of Depression anyone could have but, aren’t related most of the time due to disabilities we all have. There are several types of depression and causes. And there is not 1 or a couple ways to treat all of the root causes of it. Another words, not HF ASD depression. Or mainly focused on other types those with many disabilities have. Yes, mental health can be a disability but, the kind they will address won’t be the types those with ASD, Tourettes, some types of ADHD, fibromyalgia, CFS, and those with certain other disabilities always or occasionally have. However, if your very unlucky you can have ASD, CFS, or any non mentioned disability with associated depression from it. Along with more traditional Depression types which will be covered in these sessions. There will also be at least 1 talk on how it affects those with Pyrol, And Bipolar. Keep in mind there are different types of, bipolar.

To learn more check out my photos for you that have Trudy Scott’s e-mail in them and her affiliate link. Being an affiliate for me is to time consuming and expensive. Especially when most of you don’t even sign up for the sessions through me. ( I have tried being an affiliate before more then once.) If you are going to buy the package now is the best price.


Free Mold documentary

Monday, June 1st, 2015

Being exposed to Mold has killed some people and has significantly disabled others. Did you know if your NOT mold sensitive the exposure to it could create cancer in you? Or that ALL coffee is moldy? I surely didn’t till hearing it on Dave Asprey talks/ this documentary. Remember Dave Asprey, from bulletproof coffee? , the Healthy Traveler’s Summit, some other conferences ? Or his utube channel? He created a Mold documentary that’s available to watch for free as it currently stands till tomorrow Monday June 15 th, 2015. At midnight pacific US time. But, only if you sign up here. I’m NOT an affiliate.
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