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The Truth About Cancer Series Replayed for free!

Thursday, November 26th, 2015

In case you missed any of it’s episodes the first time, need a review of any of the info, or want to purchase it in it’s packaged options at the best prices.   In about 2 hours (Midnight at EST) through this coming Monday you can view the whole thing for free again.   The same for the sale price availability unless they run out before then.

If you missed it. It’s very good. But, some of the information you may know already. And some of it likely won’t apply to you.  But, if you have time or could make it without harming your lifestyle/health to much. You should see it at least once.   It might effect someone you know or may know in the future though.  Or someone you did know but, now has past away.

I’m not an affiliate for this and if you haven’t seen it yet especially you should check out my previous posts on this blog and there links referring to this 9 part document series/of a Cancer Qwest Around the World.  Free Replay Cancer Series and package discounts

Happy Thanksgiving if you live in the US!

Indoor Pollution

Monday, November 16th, 2015
Please see below. I’m not necessarily attending this one. But, it might help some of you. My educated guess is the informational will be fairly elementary.  So, MCS pros, Mold survivors, and parents who already use environmentally friendly and fragrance free products may not learn tons. I mean we know the importance of our environment in our health and ability to function. Don’t we!? That’s rhetorical buy the way. So, if you answered no or need a kick in the pants reminder then sign up.I received this in my e-mail not long ago.  From James is the below.   Alexandrea
You’ve worked on your diet, exercise, sleep, and lifestyle habits… 

…if something is off with your health and you can’t figure out what it is, it may be connected to indoor air quality of your home or office.


Sound strange?


It’s not uncommon… on average 7 out of 10 buildings have poor indoor air quality.


This is a common cause of illness that isn’t talked about much, because before now there weren’t many available solutions, and they were ridiculously expensive (e.g. $10K-$100K to rip the mold out of your house).


On Monday, November 16th, 8pm ET /  5pm PT, we’ll share a new solution designed to face this challenge in a webinar titled: “Airbiotics- How To Protect Your Family From Indoor Air Toxins, To Create A Healthier Home Environment” 


—> Reserve your spot here


If you’ve been hearing things about how not all germs are bad, and are curious to know more, this is an event you can’t miss.


Join us and you’ll…


  • Find the real solution to help you throw away all toxic chemical surface cleaners, replacing it with an alternative that is not simply “less unhealthy”, but actually healthy.
  • Eliminate or reduce allergies, dizziness, asthma, fatigue, headaches, and the risk of infections with this game-changing home solution.
  • Learn how you can access inexpensive air cleaning technology used by top universities and hospitals around the world.
  • Discover research on exactly how harmful indoor air pollution is, and what you and your family can do about it.


For those who show up live, you’ll get to ask questions to James Maskell and Amanda Ortiz to learn about this new technology.


—-> Click Here to Register


See you on Monday!



James Maskell


James Maskell

Founder and CEO Evolution of Medicine
A: 110 E 25th St, NY, NY 10010

Unleash Your Greatness Summit!

Monday, November 16th, 2015

The Unleash Your Greatness Summit! November 16-23, 2015  

   Excluding this and the next 2 paragraphs (From Alexandrea) The rest is from Trudy Scott. However, it could help some of you in my disability community. If however your  disabilities are complex, severe, or both. This summit may be discouraging.  If you really truly can’t be close to who they encourage you to be -do to real differences/impairments.

     Obviously, I’m not a credited affiliate.  Why? well if your an affiliate I’m sure you’d understand the answer to that question. Especially if your an aspie.

Also, if your an aspie/THINK in a different language unless you need a review on the NT mindset you may not appreciate this summit/ not fully. And even if your not depressed. It could also be harmful to you. Because it highlights (Meaning it assumes and makes it seam normal if not healthy to think in some less healthy ways that NT’s think often in naturally.) Another words, aspie adults (Even though change is hard for us) can be the least stuck in our ways then any community I know.  We are easily influenced and often want to fit in. I’m also saying, I don’t want you negatively influenced into normal “NT brain thinking patterns”. How you think differently. As long as it’s healthy is just as good as if not better then how some NT’s think.   If the speakers didn’t speak in the way they do/the topic of the summit was very different the under toned NT’s mindset wouldn’t be one there trying to reverse so much.  Naturally, Aspies don’t think like that. We are wired to think more positively at our roots.


Discover the 8 secret principles of greatness to transform your life! The 28 expert speakers will reveal how to overcome adversity, find success and chart a new life path!

Each day will focus on one of the eight following principles of greatness:

  • Create a Vision
  • Turn Adversity Into Advantage
  • Cultivate a Champion’s Mindset
  • Develop Hustle, Master Your Body
  • Practice Positive Habits
  • Build a Winning Team
  • Be of Service to Others

The Unleash Your Greatness Summit was created to bring to life the eight principles of greatnessthat Lewis Howes reveals in his book, The School of Greatness, that can be used to create the building blocks for a better life. Anyone who is looking to change their life for the better will benefit from this summit, as the principles apply across all facets of life – from career to family to health and beyond – and we all have the capacity within us to be great.

I’ve met Lewis Howes and he is very inspiring! Although this summit is a little different from some of the other summit’s I share, many of topics intrigue me so I figure they’ll intrigue you too! I’m really looking to some of the interviews on how to turn adversity into advantage (JJ Virgin’s story is very inspiring) and the principle of being of service to others.

Registration details here:

Autism Summit Online- Functional Med Style

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

Today-Friday starting at 9 am PST  12 EST there will be starting an Autism Summit Online focused on educating parents primarily on how to help their Autistic children.  A number of the speakers have at least 1 ASD child. Including the host who searched the world for the best care for their son and possibly for this Summit as well.  Looking at the Speaker Bio, it being Functional Medicine Focused,  and it’s Theme “Autism Doesn’t Have to be Forever”.

I can say with certainty some of you (Many who are on the spectrum) won’t agree with every goal of the conference.  Since many Aspies don’t want to be cured.  Including me, if cures is what it truly is about. (Except for my sensory issues).

But, do you want easier ways to cope in the world?  I know I do!   However, I bet, some of the speakers at least are more about helping us and our once caregivers, and less about curing us. But, their are a number of Doctors on the agenda, ready to share.  If your an aspie and have the time. I’d listen to at least one of the speakers if you can who you might disagree with (I know this could be hard for some of you). You need to be well informed about any side you could have strong feelings against.  Besides. think about the Autistic’s who can’t speak. And who may be more challenged in other ways you may never know through personal experience. I know through writing some of them have even expressed not wanting a cure. But, I’m sure they’d love having more freedom if they could get to a point where they’d be less dependent on others.

I have not heard the majority of these speakers before. I’m not affiliate of this conference.  But, I’ve signed up for it. I heard about it this morning through a post to the Asperger Support Network Group I’m in.  They will have 4 hours each day and 20 speakers total. They say in  1 place it will be free only today too. Which is OBVIOUSLY in correct.  So, will see.

Go here to sign up/get more info.