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are you a Young adult with Cancer?

Sunday, December 6th, 2015

Are you 15-39 yrs old and have Cancer? If yes, you likely realize that children’s cancer services and adult services don’t always serve you well. Right?  And if your single or just trying to become independent regardless of single status. You may need a little extra guidance and support. No?

Well, your in luck! I certainly don’t have cancer.   And I’m sorry you do. But, I found an organization that could serve you, and specializes in supporting and inspiring life for those with cancer in this age group. This organization is also for cancer survivors who had it it as a young adult. Or there immediate caregivers if they have one.   This organization is the biggest of it’s kind. And at first their vast variety of services could even overwhelm you.  If you allow them too.  So, don’t let them!

Here are some differences among those with cancer as a young adult?  Compared to a child or older adult with it.

Unlike the older adults you don’t always need to be writing your wills.

You shouldn’t be getting care just to tide you over till you die naturally.Traditional medicine does this if your older with a fetal diagnosis.

You don’t get some of the adult cancer’s. And your cancer may appear like a child’s regardless of if their’s an older person’s version of the same cancer type.  Then you need closer to a child’s treatment protocal. However, it could be strengthened or more excellerated.  Due to being an adult. And able to handle more.

Your care needs to keep in mind whenever possible maintaining a life outside of your treatment. Yes, older adults may need this too. But, there thought of as less vibrant and lively as a whole.

This organization has face-book groups, road trips, day conferences,  connects to cancer retreats, live help, a blog with different young adult writers- who have or had cancer, a magazine, radio station, a tv show, Instapeer and more!

From what I can tell the only thing they MAY not have yet is holistic/non-traditional cancer treatment protocal connections.

And they don’t sell wigs.

The organization. Is “Stupid Cancer!” This link,  Highlights how your SO NOT ALONE!





Giving Gives Back!

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

Every month I make sure you get access to the very best FREE content to help you and your loved ones. I reflect on what I post about when I can and am moved too. And I attend basically ALL of it. And trust me, I SERIOUSLY don’t personally need to hear most of it for ANY other reason.

Isn’t it time to give back this holiday season?

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