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Hormones- A Women’s Wellness Summit

Monday, April 18th, 2016

April 11-18th (It just ended) There was a Summit to support women. To understand all the issues typical women face. Can help you narrow down for you what is normal for women, possibly abnormal,/ what defiantly is a symptom caused buy any disability (Possibly what they don’t address in this Summit.)  Go here for more.

To either attend it next year if it repeats. Or to find out possible research topics for your own study which could be discovered buy reading the speakers topics/ areas of expertise/ what you might have learned for free.


The Female Hormone Solution was from February 1-10 th, earlier this year. And can help ASD women understand some of the flaws of being a women without ASD, ADHD, and certain other types of neurologically based disorders. Learning these things aren’t always a good thing though. Especially, for those of us with some of these differences.So, be very careful on what you truly hear/follow.

The Diabetes World Summit- Type 2 -Annual Summit

Monday, April 18th, 2016

Do you have Diabetes or know someone who does? Especially if you have type 2, you might want to attend this Summit. April 18-25 th it will be online for free.   That starts tomorrow. If your going to purchase it. Now is the best time to do so. I’m not Diabetic and am not purchasing it but, you may want to. The host specializes in coaching diabetics. Diabetics also need a healthy lifestyle in order to survive. I’m not an affiliate. But, anyone should be able to understand the speakers in this summit.   They have previously claimed they can cure and reverse type 2 also.


If you sign up now you might get bonuses you may not be able to get after tonight without purchasing the Summit.



Autism HOPE SUMMIT- THIS Week- first one

Monday, April 18th, 2016

If your purchasing the best price goes away at midnight tonight. This is mainly for parents but, us adults who aren’t ASD caretakers could attend it. It looks pretty newbie friendly.  So if you don’t know much about ASD you probably will be able to follow it no problem. Unlike Januaries Summit to help ASD families. Which sometimes was more for a more educated parent. But many of you single ASD adults who aren’t parents might not want to attend it partly due to it’s tone and partly due to how elementary it is.  Among other reasons. I’m not an affiliate for it. And it will be over this Friday. I got an e-mail about this I believe ,  yesterday. I signed up.


Will see how it goes.


The Truth About Cancer -Replay Starts Tonight

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

Tonight starts the best Cancer series on Adult, Alternative Cancer Solutions I’ve seen yet.  It’s called “The Truth about Cancer The Global Qwest”, Narrated buy a man named Ty Bollinger.  You will learn far more then just unique cancer protocol though.  So, regardless of if you have cancer,  know someone who does, or not. You will learn from it. And Ty is a GREAT director and narrarator for it.  It will be shown over 9 days for free. And will have a Q and A area for each episode.   Sign up here for access!  It goes live at 9 pm EST!


I’ll be watching it sometimes too!  I saw it the first time last fall.

Medical Marijuana Summit

Thursday, April 7th, 2016

I literally just signed up for this. I’m not suggesting any of you use mariquana. Nor am I super educated about it/ this Summit. However,  it has speakers topics which are connecting it’s use among the autism community and autoimmune conditions among others. And I have heard It’s over after tomorrow on less it has an encore day. It’s a very short summit and very expensive to buy. If your interested sign up for it here for free Medical Mariquana.  Once you have you can also send the host of it a question or two if you like. Like will it be repeated next year? Or later this year? Or you could suggest they do that it if your really bummed you missed it. (If enough people want it they might replay it/sooner then they were going to otherwise).


Sidney Baker’s is available now and under 20 mins (He’s a good speaker and talking about it’s Autism connection with it).