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Super Power LIVE Conference Streaming

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

Jim Kwik, is a memory coach and the host of this weekends, LIVE Superhero You Brainpower Conference in Los Angeles, CA.

Doctor Amen whom I’ve posted previously about who is an ADHD expert, ( And who works in other brain science areas) is only 1 of over 30 speaker’s you can hear LIVE for free ONLINE. There will even be a speaker who has synesthesia. A rare sensory processing disorder!

Those who aren’t online spent/ will be spending thousands including travel and lodging expenses to go in person to this.

I’d check this out today. And sign up if your at all curious about it. Listening to speakers certainly won’t cure you. But, if you take action on what you learn from them. It might make your life easier, sooner. And most of the speakers are likely going to be new to many of you. Folks with LD and ADHD may benefit more from some of the talks then someone with just autism would. And Mindfulness is not MY FAVORITE stress relief practice.

Sign up and get more info about it


And if you know others who might benefit from it and are available this weekend. Please send them to this post/ link.

Who’s joining me?

Feel free to share what you think of it after in the comment section below. State which speakers you heard and really liked also.

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The-Cancer Summit

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

Wanna learn about how functional medicine deals with cancer? If so, you
might want to check out this summit that started today and ends on March 23 ( next Monday. ) sign up/ learn more here.

Copy that into your search engine.

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Alzheimer’s and Dementia Series Part 1

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

There is an Alzheimer’s and Dementia 5 episode series that is all this week showing for free online. The first episode is called, “The Truth about Memory Loss: Reducing, Repairing, & Reversing the Signs of Alzheimer’s and Dementia”. If your interested in watching any of the episodes. Then go hear and book about an hour each evening if you go to school or work during normal hours.

I haven’t seen any of them yet.

Update after I watched it
– you might not learn much new information. However, episode 1 was good and deserves your time.


Footers are key

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

Footers are one way to have a killer website. If you ask me. Footers are key to some websites. While on other sites headers or side bars are best. As an example check out the websites footer info below. If a website has footers, headers, and side bars. Then you know it’s likely a great website design. With ample important detail.  (I’m not saying necessarily that websites detail is important to you.It isn’t particularly important to me personally.) However, I am saying it IS important to a large community of people.  And you know that from the well designed website. See how much more you learn just looking at the footer? Even if you don’t click on any of the footers? Make sure if you ever have a website. You have proper footers, side bars, or headers. That direct your readers. To the key details of your site.


And to properly get the most out of any website. Or anything else you read. Learn how to gain allot of information  quickly.


Understand this posts lessons?

Hey House Radio

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

I haven’t heard it yet. But, if you ask me. This kinda looks like a company that follows A Chicken Soup for the Soul kinda theme/feel. Don’t you agree?!/


Footers on there website pages can be VERY helpful. Their main website’s is a GREAT example of that. It educates even without a Summit needed. Yea?



Hey House Newsletters

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

Okay. I just noticed they have multiple newsletters.  Oh Boy.!  Go here to see what I mean. I only signed up for the Hey House Summit newsletter. I hope it’s useful to us/me. Will see.


For a more NT brain go the radio’s main page however. Which will be posted next.



Hey House Speakers

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

The Hey House World Summit has a lineup of speakers that looks GREAT! Want to get to know them and see their bios?  Go here for that and to download the FULL schedule in PDF form.


After Scrolling over ANY of there head shots click on VIEW DETAILS. There is where you’ll find their bios.


You may want to sign up for their newsletter too. I am today.  If so, scroll to the bottom of the page and see in the footer  Hay House Newsletter!   Understanding them generally will help you understand the details of the organization/community best. And the nuanced tone or more obvious ones possibly. Of the Summit also.  This can apply to other Summits as well. But do to the length, quality and magnitude of this Summit. That is especially important to get for this Summit in particular. Get It? I hope so.


I’ll likely post more about this Summit before it begins on this blog.

May 7-26th Hay House World Summit

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

May 7th The Hay House World Summit movement will start online. It ends on May 26th and will cover the following topic areas.  Prosperity- Basically this means how to be wealthy regardless of the size of your pocketbook. Spirituality- which is moral about ethics and morals likely then it would be about Religion and it’s teachings for sure. Self-Empowerment which is self confidence, motivation, and how to inspire others likely. Being a doer rather then a talker. Leading rather then following.  Relationships- The need for community, interaction, and being a healthy person incorporating others in your life effectively.  Health- General Wellness/Nutrition.


I already signed up. I’m defiantly going to listen to SOME of the speakers. I’ve heard before a small number of them.   Not sure yet of my picks. Allot look REALLY good to me. Don’t overwhelm yourself attending it. Just plan on a select number of speakers to listen to. Unless your buying it off course. (I’m not. Too expensive) go here for details Go here now to check it out and pick your speakers.



Attitude is Altitude

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

This guy is nice, smart, a best selling author, and has a GREAT inspired fan base. Which he keeps in touch with via his list. His subscriber  lists community is called, Attitude is Altitude.  His name, is Nick Vujicic!  How do you join it? Or meet/see him live!?   Click Here NOW  


And click become A Member on the top right hand side of the above Link. After hearing his short audio message.  Then after signing up, he’ll send you an invite  to watch him live with a LIVE Q and A on May 6.  Because Nick is so unique. You may need to be patient in his communication style. But, I assure you, he appreciates all who sign up.

Inspiration at it’s FINEST

Sunday, May 1st, 2016

And Nick Vujicic is going LIVE for Free! When? May 7th at 9 am PDT time or 12 pm EDT. This is totally worth missing work for if you can get to him live. But, if you can’t (It’s in CA) it’s totally worth taking at least a work break for.   Why? Did you see my latest point on disabilityadvocate1. com and the short utube video on his story?   You really need to see it all. Then come back here. And then watch the video at this next url utube video. Need more inspiration?  utube his name. You’ll get plenty.



Or wait for my next post on here.