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Alzheimer’s and Dementia Summit

Monday, July 25th, 2016

Hi Alexandrea,

Here is a quick reminder that the Alzheimer’s & Dementia Summit is available online from July 25 – August 1. You can register here:

It really is possible to prevent, slow down and even reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. As with all conditions, be it Alzheimer’s disease or anxiety or depression or PMS (or whatever health condition you have), you always want to get to the root cause/s and address this. The wonderful thing is that by addressing the root causes you can expect to see improvements in all conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease.

The interview with Dr. Dale Bredesen, “Reversing Alzheimer’s disease: a Comprehensive Approach”, covers the different types of Alzheimer’s disease and how in his research they look at over 100 different metabolic factors:

  • Type 1 Alzheimer’s disease (the inflammation type) – people typically have inflammatory markers such as high HS-CRP, IL-6, TNF alpha
  • Type 2 Alzheimer’s disease (the atrophic type) – there is no increase in inflammation but rather a decrease in many factors like estradiol to testosterone to vitamin D to nerve growth factor to BDNF, all required to support the neuronal network
  • Type 1.5 Alzheimer’s disease (the glycotoxic type) – it has some of type 1 and some of type 2, and people have type 2 diabetes or pre- type 2 diabetes. They have inflammation and insulin resistance
  • Type 3 Alzheimer’s disease (the toxic type) – people have a toxic illness caused by something like mycotoxins or high levels of mercury.  We make amyloid because it’s anti-microbial and it will destroy biofilms by pulling out the metals and then killing the microbes

Dr. Dale Bredesen makes this very profound statement about Alzheimer’s disease:

the making of this amyloid is actually a protective response to different metabolic and toxic perturbations. The idea of getting rid of the amyloid only makes sense if you first understand why it’s there and get rid of the cause or causes…we’ve identified 36 different causes that can contribute to this…when you fix that, it’s fine to get rid of the amyloid

He talks about:

  • the APOE4 gene and the increased risk for Alzheimer’s – if you have one copy your risk is 30%, if you have two copies your risk is 90% [I’d like to add to this: there is also an increased risk for anxiety/depression with this gene and a strong correlation between mood issues and Alzheimer’s disease]
  • why it’s important to know your genetic risk so you can take steps to prevent it and correct metabolic imbalances
  • the role of leaky gut, chemicals/toxins we inhale through the nose, microbes, viruses, fungi, gum disease, Lyme disease

He shares many of the metabolic and functional testing that he recommends and covers how his study participants with a 90% risk of Alzheimer’s have been able to reverse the memory/dementia decline in 3- 6 months.

There is no one size fits all approach and we need a personalized approach, so you need to address one or more of the 36 factors/causes that pertain to you. Dr. Bredesen says this:

I do believe health coaching is going to be critical for the future as we shift from a monotherapeutic approach to a programmatic approach

This interview and other interviews on the Alzheimer’s & Dementia Summit are well-worth tuning in to. They represent a unique opportunity to discover how to prevent, slow down and even reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

You can register here:

If you have questions or feedback please feel free to post them here.

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Auditory Processing Friendly Speeches

Monday, July 25th, 2016

While watching a Democratic convention speech on tv,/live/utube/fb/ may work for many. Not everyone learns best in those ways. And for some. They can’t find the time or energy even if there not challenged with an Auditory Processing Disorder (Like me!), ADHD, MCS, mold sensitivity, SPD, are deaf, blind, or hard of hearing. For these individuals the “DNC 2016″ free, app is available via the apple and google play android app store.   It provides transcripts of the speeches at the 2016 Convention. And hopefully for the meetings at it too.! (Will see- if you work there, this be an awesome addition if you don’t do this yet.  Please try to do this-thanks.)


This app is certainly helpful for others as well. It will offer Live Streaming for example.  Did you know that now Nook Tablets have legal access to the google play app store!?  They do! No illegal rooting required.

So no excuses to not be in the know about the democratic convention!

Even chrome-books can download it !

The Democratic Convention Welcomes the Differently Brilliant!

Monday, July 25th, 2016

Philly Strives to be a leading Aspie friendly city in the US. So, how can it NOT be a good place for this years so important Democratic Convention!  To be aspie friendly takes allot of attention to detail. And while I don’t know how many ASD advocates are attending their committee meetings yet on Monday/Wednesday. I do know that attention to detail really pays off for those with a variety of disabilities both in Philly this week. And far beyond if Hillary wins in November. Did you notice they’ll have face masks available for those with reactions to chemicals and scents.? That’s HUGE!   See how the right advocacy and the right candidates SERIOUSLY matter. ? It’s partly because of people like Hillary, me, and other advocates that this is offered and to some level will be accepted. And eventually celebration. Is changing how society views us. Which ultimately if done correctly. Will only HELP us.   Check out the Conventions accomodations for everyone with a disability. That and there speaker line up. Is defiantly more welcoming then the republican’s convention.

That’s for sure!  Did you see there line up of speakers? And there lack of some accommodations? The ones they do have are only available buy coincidence too. Like the limited bus transportation that the city provided.

2016 Democratic National Convention Announces Plans to Make this the Most Accessible Convention Ever




Anastasia Somoza- At Democratic Convention- Monday

Monday, July 25th, 2016

Anastasia Somoza is a successful,  International, Disability Rights Advocate for those with disabilities. She has worked besides Hillary Clinton, and has helped numerous individuals starting at the very young age of 9. She has Cerebral Palsy and moves about with a wheelchair/walker. Along with an aides assistance 24/7.   She will be speaking as part of the Convention tomorrow. And you can also learn more about her via her website and through the vimeo video and link below.

The Vimeo video is here. It’s old. And she doesn’t any longer need the money she’s requesting in the video. But, you can learn more about her easily and quickly by watching it.

Human Rights Advocate Runs Multiple Campaigns to Chase a Dream


Her website is here-

Her blog is NOT developed though.  She’s mostly an instagram and twitter chick.

US Democratic Convention Overview and Prep.

Monday, July 25th, 2016

This week is VERY important since it’s the Democratic Convention and the first year Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee for the First woman President. But, it’s also important for all of us. Including animals, nature, and even foreigners. And The democratic convention is now – Thursday. And Monday -Wednesday there’s atleast 1 if not two speakers or meetings at the convention that discuss disability or highlight atleast one inspiring differently abled  individual.

If possible,- I strongly recommend you pay attention to this convention and politics even if you typically don’t.  And foreigners tuning into u-tube, the newspapers, or their news channels could inspire you to make your country become better too. U-tube will have at least some live streaming of the events also.

I’m going to a live streaming watch party,  Tuesday night in NYC. And possibly another elsewhere as well.  Watch Parties are GREAT! But, there environment for those with sensory processing issues, energy challenges, MCS, mold issues, and the like are far from ideal. So, pray- I don’t get to overwhelmed because of the challenges with noise, lights, chemicals, the time, ect.  Can I trust you’ll do that for me?  Sure, I have ways to lessen my sensory issues. But, none of my tricks (/Partial Solutions) can prepare me entirely for this.

If your time, geographical location,  and Disability potential advocacy skills have the interest. Please buy all means attend the day time meeting at the banks that are disability related and open to the public. And if you do. Please comment below to share you attended any, if you do.  And how they went.

See the schedule for the speakers and groups here. –