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Retail Sale Wanted?

Friday, December 30th, 2016

Aeropostale both ONLINE and in there stores recently turned their last sale discount into effect. And guess what? Nearly EVERYTHING is 90% off in their stores! Huge discounts up to 80% online too. Not only that. But, their online sales still offer free shipping at a purchase total of at least 50$!  Some stores are closing. Others are moving in different merchandise lines.

Seriously. If your homeless. this is so much better then the thrift store or a confinement shop, ya all!  (I say homeless only to remind Multiply Chemical Sensitive people that they might do best online). Or a SPD individual might want there best friend to go for them or with them to a store do to the chaos and mob scene.   If neither possibilities exist for you. GO TODAY during odd HOURS. Which is ASAP.

I visited one in NYC in the Manhattan mall yesterday.  That store is NOT closing. Yes the same one I mentioned in a previous post on a different blog. I didn’t buy anything. However. Everything was under 10$ and most things were under 5$. If I didn’t buy some of there stuff at 60% or 75% off already I would have purchased some of there stuff yesterday.

Thought some of you would appreciate the reminder of the massive discounts this retailer has going on till January first.

Now go here NOW. Before your size or item(s) are sold out!  There obviously flying off shelves. And getting ordered online rapidly.

PS. Buy the way. I don’t love shopping. But, I love discovering solutions to needs. And clothing that fits.