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The Gutsy Women Tour !

Sunday, September 29th, 2019

Have you heard the latest on what Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton are up to? There about to start a book tour throughout the country! Have you heard they recently completed there first book they co-authored together? They have! It’s called The Book of Gutsy Women.

Unlike other posts here the book tour is obviously not online and is sometimes not free to attend. But, it does include off course a hard copy of there bran new book! Are you going? Some of the dates, details, and tickets are available now for some locations. I haven’t found yet 1 website just marketing the book/tour. But, if that changes, I’ll try to let you know.

October first they kick it off in Brooklyn, NYC.

If your a teen/women who wants to meet them, be part of the discussion, go to very possibly an event that isn’t as overwhelming (As many Hillary events are), your a Gutsy Women, or want to be inspired buy some. I very highly recommend you attend this when they visit a location on their tour close enough to you.

Unlike some previous Hillary Clinton events these events when a cost is charged. Isn’t as pricey. Even if yours is free it may still require a ticket so if you attend. Just double check that when looking into attending.