Vaccines Healthy or Toxic?

The Truth About Cancer, A Global Qwest on and through October 17-19th ( IT STARTED TWO HOURS AGO) will be sharing the facts about both healthy and as they say it “Toxic” Vaccines. I’m not saying I don’t agree there toxic buy putting toxic in “”. I likely may. But, I haven’t seen the episode yet, so I’m not ready to 100% agree with it quite yet either. I know without the episodes of off course that not all vaccines are toxic though. And NO vaccines cause Autism. In episode 5 and 6 for free. Episode 5 is currently available after signup for this series. I know this is a very hot topic among some parents of children with Autism. And I also know there is a way some children can get out of them in the states that now require children to be vaccinated. (Hint- Visit Sayer Ji’s Health Club database for the exemption form).

If this topic concerns/interests you, and you haven’t yet signed up for this FREE series (which is great buy the way)  Click Here to sign up and watch these episodes.

Buy signing up  via e-mail under the trailer on the linked above page. Even if you don’t pay a penny to anyone. Your supporting the cause, and likely telling me you appreciate me sharing this with you all. And I could get prizes for sharing this with you. The prizes aren’t money. But, have a cost.  That is on top of your personal benefits and everyone you share this information with.  And it is meant to be shared.

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