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Here is a quick reminder that the Alzheimer’s & Dementia Summit is available online from July 25 – August 1. You can register here:

It really is possible to prevent, slow down and even reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. As with all conditions, be it Alzheimer’s disease or anxiety or depression or PMS (or whatever health condition you have), you always want to get to the root cause/s and address this. The wonderful thing is that by addressing the root causes you can expect to see improvements in all conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease.

The interview with Dr. Dale Bredesen, “Reversing Alzheimer’s disease: a Comprehensive Approach”, covers the different types of Alzheimer’s disease and how in his research they look at over 100 different metabolic factors:

  • Type 1 Alzheimer’s disease (the inflammation type) – people typically have inflammatory markers such as high HS-CRP, IL-6, TNF alpha
  • Type 2 Alzheimer’s disease (the atrophic type) – there is no increase in inflammation but rather a decrease in many factors like estradiol to testosterone to vitamin D to nerve growth factor to BDNF, all required to support the neuronal network
  • Type 1.5 Alzheimer’s disease (the glycotoxic type) – it has some of type 1 and some of type 2, and people have type 2 diabetes or pre- type 2 diabetes. They have inflammation and insulin resistance
  • Type 3 Alzheimer’s disease (the toxic type) – people have a toxic illness caused by something like mycotoxins or high levels of mercury.  We make amyloid because it’s anti-microbial and it will destroy biofilms by pulling out the metals and then killing the microbes

Dr. Dale Bredesen makes this very profound statement about Alzheimer’s disease:

the making of this amyloid is actually a protective response to different metabolic and toxic perturbations. The idea of getting rid of the amyloid only makes sense if you first understand why it’s there and get rid of the cause or causes…we’ve identified 36 different causes that can contribute to this…when you fix that, it’s fine to get rid of the amyloid

He talks about:

  • the APOE4 gene and the increased risk for Alzheimer’s – if you have one copy your risk is 30%, if you have two copies your risk is 90% [I’d like to add to this: there is also an increased risk for anxiety/depression with this gene and a strong correlation between mood issues and Alzheimer’s disease]
  • why it’s important to know your genetic risk so you can take steps to prevent it and correct metabolic imbalances
  • the role of leaky gut, chemicals/toxins we inhale through the nose, microbes, viruses, fungi, gum disease, Lyme disease

He shares many of the metabolic and functional testing that he recommends and covers how his study participants with a 90% risk of Alzheimer’s have been able to reverse the memory/dementia decline in 3- 6 months.

There is no one size fits all approach and we need a personalized approach, so you need to address one or more of the 36 factors/causes that pertain to you. Dr. Bredesen says this:

I do believe health coaching is going to be critical for the future as we shift from a monotherapeutic approach to a programmatic approach

This interview and other interviews on the Alzheimer’s & Dementia Summit are well-worth tuning in to. They represent a unique opportunity to discover how to prevent, slow down and even reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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