Have SPD/ASD? Care for someone who does?

On my sensorysolutions1 blog  you can sign up for a Summit coming up in a little over a week that I’ll be attending and recommend that you do the same.  It’s called the Nourishing Hope for Autism Summit. And will have the most up to date research on how the nutrition ASD/SPD connection exists. And what to do about it.  Summits that specialize in this area don’t come around frequently. And when they do. Julie Matthew’s doesn’t always host them. Why is that important? She’s the number one Integrative nutritionist with over a decade of only working with this specific population. On the same blog I recently posted two other posts about Julie also. If you do a search on that blog you’ll also see her mentioned or talking allot on it.

If your not an expert in this Summit’s content the Summit is especially going to be invaluable to you. But, on the link above. You’ll also see if your a health coach/doctor. You should also at least check it out.   If you want an intro on Julie/one of the speaker’s on the summit. I highly recommend you watch Doctor Tom’s interview with her below first.  If you don’t need an intro to Julie/her work. You still defiantly could benefit from this nearly 1 hour Q and A.

What is true for Kids on the ASD spectrum is often true for the adults also. Keep in mind this was originally posted as a live on FB on Doctor Tom’s page.  Off course I attended it!

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