Beyond Chemo 1 Day Free Replay

I watched most of this the first time it viewed for a week. Some episodes are at parts a big advertisement to certain doctors. However, overall. This series had some unique value to it. This doctor (The Host that is) is more then most Functional medicine doctors- is truly integrative from what I recall.  (I didn’t buy any of it’s packages). But, some of you may really appreciate this series. Especially since it looks at traditional medicine more then other Cancer Documentaries/Summits.  Here is the edited e-mail I received about it this morning.

If it saves anyone or makes any of you look into Cancer treatments differently. I’ll be glad I shared this on this blog.

Alexandrea- Let the e-mail begin-

WOW! We heard you loud and clear…

After we aired the Beyond Chemo series, I heard from thousands of men and women like you…

Who shared their stories and told me how the information in this six-part video series changed their lives.

Like JoAnn Sweeney from Fort Wayne, Texas, who said:

“Your Beyond Chemo Series was EXCELLENT. I learned a lot from the doctors who were interviewed. I am glad so many of the professional doctors are speaking out against the corrupt healthcare system and the government. The whole world should know and be aware that there are other options so much better than what conventional doctors offer. Thank you for such an excellent program and a BIG THANK YOU to all the natural medical doctors for taking a stand and speaking out. God bless you all for the excellent work you all are doing.”

And Martin Mason from Rocklin, California:

“I watch many of these online docuseries, and I have to say… this is the best one I’ve ever seen! Thank you for sharing this life-changing information.”

Then there’s Mary Gunning from Akron, Ohio:

“I am really enjoying the Beyond Chemo series. I have learned about so many new therapies and lots of information that I did not know earlier. I especially like the fact that you feature mainstream MDs who support and practice alternative therapies. This is quite unprecedented — and the information you’re sharing is invaluable. Thank you so much!”

Stories like these are the reason I got into medicine.

And why I’m making a special announcement today…

Due to popular demand, we’re re-airing all six episodes of Beyond Chemo — for free!

Yes, that’s right…

On Tuesday, August 7th, at 1:00 PM ET, we’re going live again! And re-airing all six episodes — for free — one last time. 

So, whether you missed an episode the first time around…

Or you want to catch up on all six…

This is your one final chance to follow along.

See you in a few days!


Dr. Mark Stengler
Beyond Chemo


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