Online Conference Basics

Not sure what’s up with all of these Online Conferences? Why there’s so many? And why you should care? Or even details of why there held and the uniform formatting of them?   Then your at the right post.! Online Conferences can be great for a number of reasons. They also follow similar formats. So, here’s what to expect. 

   They typically range from 5 days too three weeks. Most are 1-2 weeks though. Or somewhere in the middle. Like, 8 days for example. The interviews or speakers range from 35 mins too 1 hr typically and are either pure audio or video based. Each conference however usually has 1 set length for each speaker however.Video may be slides with audio. Or the video would be of the conference host beside the speaker being video’d simultaneously. They are available world wide, and I’m only aware of English speaking ones. 
        The conference always has a somewhat specific topic, and they range. Some topics are loosing weight, diabetes, environmental health, detox, functional medicine, public speaking, exercise and diet, autism, autism recovery,  Psychology concerns (Insert a specific one here),  gluten, thyroid, or general health independence. Some conferences also have themes for each day of the Summit too. They tend to be more narrow then the title of the subject. They could be for example, women’s health, men’s health, children’s school accomadations, or IEP’s.   Here are some q and a’s for you to know what to expect. 
How many speakers per day? 
Anywhere from 2-6, it really depends. 
You might ask are they speakers or interviews? 
Well that depends, but, each summit, and speaker/ interview are the same for all of them mostly in the same summit. So if speaker 1 is just a speaker for example at conference A. For example. Then EVERY Speaker in the conference will be a speaker and not interviewed. But, generally. There speakers. Some if not all hosts guide each speaker if need be occasionally. But, mainly, it’s speakers after the host introduces the individual in the beginning. Prior to the talk. Then the speaker starts with their story of how either the subject relates to them or why they got into the subject and profession that they did.  All the speakers are sent ahead of time, via the host (Hosts) material prior to there talk. Atleast for the conferences I’ll connect you with. 
Are there free bonuses for the FREE registrants? 
Yes, often. These bonuses typically are both free/ typically paid for bonuses. That you get for free. Weather you must take great notes too access them if your a free attendee or not, depends on the conference. And who is the overall host. 

If I buy the conference, what do I get? 
You always get,  the audio/ video and sometimes both, of the conference. You also get the hosts highlights from each speaker ( basically there best notes), and PDF’s of all of the speeches.  You also sometimes get access to the free bonuses for a longer duration. That’s the bonuses all active registrants from the conference get.   Then you get additional bonuses they call free, but I consider, included. 
What are the additional bonuses? 
Again, it depends. It could be assess to a support group relevant to the conferences topic. This ones my favourite. A GREAT example of that is the one created during The Transformational Health Summit, their Community. Who LOVES Facebook anyway, right? 
    Other’s, I’ve seen are discounts too other Summit packages, free e-books, a free, 1 time short consultation, things like that. 
Are the speakers famous speakers in their areas? 
     Well, that depends. Many are.  Some, are more research based professionals who don’t publicly speak much.  Especially among the conferences I share with you. But, they all have what’s considered enough experience/ knowledge professionally,  usually atleast covering the topic there speaking about.  If the speaker’s aren’t as highly qualified, the Summit won’t be as professionally impressive, -possibly. Or geared towards professionals. 
   Some speak at numerous “free” online conferences. So, if you miss one. You could always aim for the next conference they speak at. However, there content may differ.
Is there a money back guarantee if I buy? 
Yes, off course! 
Is there no more then a couple main big topics that are often covered as overall titles to these conferences? 
Lately yes! Most, have been exercise and lifestyle based, or food healing based. This year. In the past, they seamed often way too elementary for me. Many covering changing mind sets and basic lifestyle smarts. The last thing I would need, or the readers I mostly was looking too recruit probably would need, as well.  It seams that some of the content of the conferences are now getting more advanced, and not just away from what I think of as more common sense stuff. ” Like eat well, exercise, be happy, and have the right mindset.”  More of last years themes. Which I found way to immature for me personally,  in conferences that were last year, online,  for example. I’m not saying this still doesn’t exist. It does. But, many conferences I consider now, have atleast a couple more advanced topics.   Not just trying to change things that for me, were NEVER a problem. 
If I can’t afford to pay for the summit, but am, really interested in learning more on a specific online conference topic. Is it really impossible to get access to the content after the 24 hr period during the conference, for FREE? 

1. It depends. Most if not all conferences have replay days of the top most popular speakers. Registrants only can vote for them. Another great reason to sign up even if you possibly can’t attend them all! Help others while giving yourself a second chance of hearing it again!  
2. If you attend another online conference with a similar topic, and then see the same speaker or a different one speaking on that topic. Then that’s a second way you may not miss it. There are other ways but, that’s far too big of a question to completely answer here. 
Does the cost or costs of the summit packages differ among the same conference? 
Yes!  It’s dependent on when you buy it. After the conferences the prices jump one or two times and rarely if ever go back down again. If you buy during the conference you may get an additional bonus or two extra as well. That someone who buys later, won’t get. For example, for the Transformational Health Summit,  if you bought the package during the conference you got the community and extra support calls included. If you buy the conference bundle now, joining the community is extra. 
How much are they? 
The range is 35-75 too start. And a total range at 75-150 typically. However, some are a couple hundred. But, those are often if ever FREE. The pricier ones are often the most professional ones. Meaning the speakers are often making more in there professions, with higher credentials. Or there for a more professional audience. 
Are they mainly for the layman? Or for professionals or caregiver’s? 
All great questions, let’s answer them like this. 
None (Not even the ones with a Autism focus are prepared) for an aspie brain dialect. It doesn’t mean obviously that none of us can understand any of the speakers. But, it does mean, it will be more of a challenge for those who think differently. Including me. And I’m REALLY good for an aspie, at speaking NT already.  It also supports, those for ASD caregiver’s want to focus more on directly helping those more like them, then us more complex individuals directly. Don’t you just LOVE that?! But, it does make sense, u know? 
   Some are more for, or equally shared with a professional listening base. While others are mostly for the layman. Most are not just for the professional, and when they are, after reading this post, it should be very clear which are for whom. 
   Some are mainly for caregivers, and those are pretty clear that that’s there main audience.
I know more then the basics, and daily practice a healthy life style already. But, I’m a layman. Which ones should I focus on? 

    In that case, I’d recommend, the combined audience conferences. All the others. Could be a waste of your time.  And even then, with the combined ones focus on just those with the subjects and speakers you really like/ need to possibly need more info/ support from. If you don’t have fav. speakers yet.  Or your not sure what content applies to you.  Read this blog, or e-mail me, and I’ll help you. You can find how to do that via one of my pages. Clickable, above, on this page. 
   In my opinion, those that are strictly for the layman, often are the least interesting, most basic, and defiantly the least needed for my community. Buy the way, some of this is fact, too. They focus BIG TIME on MINDSET, detox/nutrition basics/ and the need for exercise, and exercise smarts.  Although exercise smarts is relevant to our community. I can’t recommend that conference if only one or two speakers cover the rest. While the other speakers cover less relevant info for you all.  That’s partly why, I don’t highlight them often on any blog, or personally get all that excited for them. Especially for, a mature aspie mind. 
What makes free online conferences unique/ useful?  
You get up to the minute research
You get FOR FREE access to many top professionals in a specific area
Tons of free knowledge, quickly, I might add. 
You might be able to gain quick education or training updates/ credits
Professional movie and book recommendations. 
Encouragement to build or be part of another supportive community. You might not be, otherwise. 
For Aspies, they reinforce some NT thinking habits too. Which can be good or bad. Depending on how you think about it.