Online “Free” Conferences, level 101, and 102

 Part of the purposes of my blogs is too prove that many people with HF disabilities/ conditions  (Like, ASD, ADHD, Hyperlexia, Dysgraphia, PTSD,  MCS, and more) have more to be aware of then they think. And to encourage these HF adults to ACT appropriately for them to have an optimum quality life. And in many cases, one that requires that action regardless of inconvenience, lack of desire to, attention or energy for it, or anything else.   Which demands acceptance and recognition of your own issues.  Because without that. None, of any of this is possible for them.  So, with that said, let’s continue. 

What are the main goals of EVERY free online conference? 

1. To empower you.
2. To share a community.
3. To provide immediate, positive,  golden nuggets or action steps to improve your situation. 
4. To share accurate, not confusing, or contradicting,  info. 
5. To help YOU take a better control of your own life.
6. To help the widest variety of people as possible within its topic. 

What are secondary goals of EVERY free online conference? 

1.   To find the action takers.
2.  So you can take advantage of functional medicine, even,  if you normally, can’t afford it. Verse traditional medicine. 
3.  To support the topic/ hosts. 

What does the above teach us? 

 1. That it be very hard, if not impossible, for the topics to be only about any specific LD or neurological condition. 

2. If/ when it happens it WON’T ever be free. 

3. That it be very expensive. 

4 and 5. That these conditions are very complex and require a very high level of expertise. 

6. That most functional medicine professionals do NOT specialize in any environmental illness or any of these neurological conditions. 

   With the above said. Here are my answer’s. Which should mostly now be far easier to understand.

I’m a HF autistic adult,  do most online conferences ideally serve me? 

      My reply, 

    Why do you ask that using the words “most” and “ideally”.?  If I was normal, I’d think no matter what my answer would be unless it was a simple “yes”,  no matter what other reply I gave.  You wouldn’t care much, if at all. Do you see that now? But, since I’m an advocate,  I recognize. You just asked it poorly, and really do care about the answer. So. –

  Most no, many speakers talks do however. But, you need to know which ones and how they apply to you. And that’s not always clear. That’s partly 1 of my purposes of this blog.   

Do most conferences that are at one time free, online, apply to you? 

No, but it’s important sometimes to see the similarities between your issue (s) and ones others have that often have the same or similar solutions for them.  This is another reason I attend many

Important note. The answer’s to the last two questions also would apply to someone who could ask them with many other HF neurological or neurobiological differences. Including, but not limited too, MCS, ADHD, Dysgraphia, Parkinson’s, psizophrenia, and other LD’s. 

Who are MOST for? 

Most are for people with disease, people with nothing wrong with them, people who are overweight, people with normalish, negative mental energy/ attitude. Or people who are very healthy food focused. 

Why don’t they have ones for people with neurological, environmental, or neurobiological conditions

Did I say they didn’t have this?!  

They do! It’s just not the majority of conference’s. For example; There are specific conferences on autism. Tops 2-3, that I’m aware of thus far. There in the beginning of the yr. only, I have found. 

There is also atleast one on diabetes, but, I’m not sure if that one counts for this category. 

There aren’t obviously, many, that cover the other populations though. 

Are there paid, online, conferences that cover neurological, environmental, or neurobiological conditions? Including diabetes, OCD, ect? 

Yes, sorta.  A great example of this is the “Beat Anxiety Summit”.