Do you have a disease or illness that you may need a direction or community to assist you in how to cope with it beyond what any doctor may provide?

Are you on the the ASD spectrum or care for someone on it that wants the most up to date, non traditional treatment protocals?

Are you a parent of someone on the spectrum, and have tried those protocals and regardless of if they helped or not, you saw, that wasn’t enough?

Are you looking for ways to improve your health with less doctors visits? And more guidance? Especially if it’s free, and fairly comprehensive on the HOW and WHY?  Not just the what to do. Which is what doctors tell you.

Are you sick of last second notifications on when free conferences are? If so, ME TOO!

Are you unsure which conferences to actually sign up for?  I get that too. Some of these are some of the main reason’s I created this blog.

And most of these conferences I’m NOT an Affiliate for.  However, I have studied all of them, and attended most of them at least once. Hearing the majority of it’s speakers.