Conferences and Hosts for them, listed

Keep in mind, these Conferences are the only ones I recommend/know of, even if only a little, that ar relevent enough to a disease/disabled community.  Their ARE many other online Conferences I know of that arless related, if at all. Not meant for this audience. Your welcome to ask me what they are.  Sadly, I attended some of them.

The Detox Summit repeated, some content to.  Deanna Minich  (A food diet creator and director for special needs children, with a PhD)  August 4-11th, 2014.

The Gluten Summit Doctor Tom O’ Bryan, otherwise known as was at the end of 2013.  Not repeating. However, many of the other Summit’s address Gluten issues.

The Hashimotes Summit created and found at the Hashimotes Institute. One of the leading Auto-immunities to date, to have, is Hashimote’s Thyroiditis. September 15-22, 2014.

Hosted buy, Andrea Nakayama, Dr. Alan Christianson, NMD and Dr. Izabella Wentz, PharmD, FASCP

The Thyroid Summit  Hosted by Dr. Izabella Wentz . June 2-9th, 2014  listened to a very little of this one and the last previously mentioned Summit.

Diabetes World Summit repeated March 23,-April 1, 2015. Doctor Brian Mowell  Reversing and Prevention is the main theme of them.  Definantly will listen to 2015’s. Didn’t here or attend any previous ones.

Origins, (November and December of 2014.) part of which Pedrum Shojai, hosts along with a documentary he directed and was in.  He’s a doctor.  This is the ONLY documentary and Summit once replayed a 2nd time for free. To my knowledge.  I highly doubt this conference will repeat itself.

Autism Empowerment TeleSummit April 2015 will be it’s third or 4th year running. Tali Berman, an Autism, young children’s, Play expert.  And a Mom. This is annually held.

Healing Our Children, Julie Matthews has an adopted son with issues.  This is very Autism, ADHD, and skitzophrenia focused.  March 2015.

The Anxiety Summit two so far. One was in June of 2014 the other was mid November of the same year. She has Pyroluria. Trudy Scott, who is considered a food, mood expert. She is an author, and nutritionist who originally trained under Julie Matthews.  I purchased the first one only.

Functional Medicine July 14-23, 2014 Dr. Dan Riche. This one was very good. I’m not sure if it will repeat. But, its very hard (if not impossible) to re-find it’s website. So, I doubt, it will. I can’t re-find it. 🙁

Nourished Living Summit, March 2014 repeated, some content to. Although this isn’t necessarily disease/disability focused. Many differently minded mothers could learn allot from it.  On how to parent/ not to/what is expected at certain ages.

The Natural Cures Movement, Dr. Josh Axe a Diabetes expert too.  Disease, and food disorder focused.  October 6-14th.

Metabolic Revolution Summit, Judy and Linda are your hosts. It’s about Diabetes among other things.  August 25-27th, 2014

Women’s Gluten Free Health Summit, repeated. 1 of my favs. Done buy Jennifer Fugo at the GF school.  Wish I could have afforded this one. September 8th-12, 2014.

Grow Your Own Food Gary Hynee and Valerie Causen (Hope I spelled there last name right) repeated, some content too.  July 7-14.  Although not disability or disease specific, directly. It highlights important topics. And assists those who chose to grow their own food. Buy at the bear minimum. Encouraging them to find a more local community to support their efforts as gardener’s.

Speak Like A Pro August 2014,  Jenny Blake hosted it as an Entheos School conference. Totally unique!  I bought this one.

The Transformational Health Summit- details coming soon it already happened 

Psychology of Eating 3 per yr From Marc David and Emily Rosen from The Institute of the Psychology of Eating. Marc David founded the Instute which also offers group support for laymen with nutritional and psychological issues  as well as a Health coach training school based online only. The first was in Jan 2014 I believe.  July21-26th was anouther one. I’ve listened to atleast 2 of there conferences in the entirety.  I can’t say I loved all the topics and or speakers though.

The Auto Immune Summit, Amy Meyers, MD.    November 10-17th.  Did you know far more women are diagnosed with auto immune diseases then men?  Or that many people with it (Now, I didn’t say All, Did I!?)  do things through lousy eating and lifestyle choices that aid in getting theirs. It’s true!

Evolution of Medicine Summit    –  James Maskell.   September 2014 Repeated, content too. I bought this one and am an Affiliate for it.  If you want it too please find my post(s) on it and use the order link in it. Thanks!

The Thyroid Sessions and Adrenal health.  May  2014. Hosted buy,  Sean Croxton  from Underground Wellness who, gifted me this one!  Haven’t listened to it yet.  (Shh! Don’t tell! Lol.)

Educating Tramatized Children Summit  Beginning of October 2014 11 days long.


I will happily add more if and when I qualify others, so feel free to re-visit for new ones. But, I will also make at least 1 post about them.