Organization of the Conferences, and updated

I defiantly won’t necessarily still be posting about each and every conference as they are shared for free all the time. Also, many of them repeat yearly. If you missed them whichever year you see my blog page or blog here or elsewhere. You can always get on the conference host(s). E-mail list to be notified of sales on previous conferences they held. / Future conferences they lead or promote for others.

So, I will tell you when the previous ones were so, you know when to expect them to come up again. And any future, expected time frames, as soon as I know. When I have the time to update, as a reminder, ect.

However, how things stand at the moment. This blog is mainly going to be a resource blog. Meaning my main focus’s are on my blog, blog. and my books.  That is after my paid work and survival needs. And my survival needs take up ALLOT of time and effort.  I’m multiply disabled, as mentioned on my blog.  And that is my first priority.  Yes, I’m high functioning, but, that doesn’t mean my differences aren’t significant. I’m only sharing those details with you, because those with diseases, disabilities, and illnesses, need to know if the day to day stuff is hard for them. That they are for me to.

I want to help my readers with the best free content I can. Setup in the easiest,  and cheapest way, I can.  And that’s why this is here. Because it doesn’t belong besides many of the other posts on my blog.  Nore should they be distracting me from different content.